Coca-Cola Slushie In A Pouch Finally Coming To S’pore 7-Eleven On 16 Aug

Image: 7-Eleven Singapore / Coca-Cola

Japan is one of the world’s best countries when it comes to innovation.

This is no news. They are amongst the world’s most creative and hard-working people who pioneer in engineering almost anything in the world.

They even invented a trick to stop being lazy, apparently invented our favourite slang, and sometimes inventing sexually inventive stuff without realising.

And their greatest invention of all: anime.

The only reason they haven’t invented a time machine or teleportation device is to give the rest of the world a chance.

But not all their gifts to humanity are available worldwide.

One of their inventions kept out of our reach was the Coca-Cola slushie.

Image: Mashable

It was released in Japan last year in 2018 on 16 April. Maybe you’ve seen it on your travels.

With the terrific taste of Coca-Cola infused into luscious slushie packs, who could resist purchasing one and gulping it down on a hot day?

Image: Coca-Cola


I’m just kidding. I don’t know what the Japanese text means. (NANI?!)

Image: knowyourmeme

Speaking of hot days, there are rarely countries in the world who need it more than Singapore, considering we have summer all-year-round.

Unfortunately, the best we could do sip on our regular Coke drinks or Milo Peng. Either that or plan a trip to Japan.

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And we carried on our days without the divine touch of the Japanese in our mouths.

Well, not anymore.

Get ready for an icy new product that's set to make you celebrrrate! We'll be launching a revolutionary drink from one…

Posted by 7-Eleven Singapore on Friday, 9 August 2019

Rejoice, ladies and gentlemen.

Image: Giphy

It’s finally coming to Singapore.

We finally have a brand new potion to help us combat the Sunny Summer Days of Singapore (that should be a song/movie name sia), gifted to us by the glorious Japanese.

It’s apparently set to release on 16 August 2019 – which is really, really soon, according to Money Digest.

Revealed in an advertisement outside a 7-Eleven branch, it will be priced at an extremely affordable $1.50.

I mean, that’s cheaper than a normal Coca-Cola or Milo Peng in some kopitiam.

Just add one more to this list of reasons why we love 7-Eleven.