Coco Lee’s Husband, Bruce Rockowitz, is Allegedly Living Off Coco Lee & is Now “Fighting” for Her Assets


Since the passing of Hong Kong superstar Coco Lee, one thing has been on most people’s minds.

Her assets and how they’re going to be split amongst her family.

And to make matters more complicated, it’s also been reported that Lee and her husband, Canadian businessman Bruce Rockowitz, were actually supposed to sign divorce papers later this month.

However, they did not manage to do so before Lee’s passing due to financial conflicts.

Additionally, even though there are rumours that Lee wrote a will before her passing to leave her mother with all her assets, it seems like her husband might be challenging that.

More About Lee’s Assets

According to reports, Lee owns many luxury homes and properties in various regions of Hong Kong.

They have all apparently been paid for in full.


In particular, five of these properties are jointly owned by Lee, her mother and her two older sisters.

These properties are under a special deed, meaning that if one of the co-owners passes away, the property will continue to be owned by the other co-owners until only one of them is left.

Lee’s will and the nature of the special deed also mean that Rockowitz and his two daughters will not get a share in Lee’s assets.

Rockowitz Apparently Did Not Sign Divorce Papers to Inherit Her Wealth

However, it has been rumoured that Rockowitz has been trying to find a lawyer to overrule Lee’s will.

Song Zude, known as the “King of Media Hype” in China, recently posted a video on Weibo with this claim.

In his video, Song mentioned that Rockowitz’s monthly salary is only a measly “tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars” and that he has been out of “proper work” and a stable income for the past two years.

He added that Rockowitz enjoys spending money and “having a good time”; media outlets in Hong Kong have pointed out that he does nothing but spend his wife’s money while allegedly cheating on her.

Song also claimed that he contacted entertainment reporters and found out that even though Lee and Rockowitz were in the midst of their divorce, he still kept trying to get money from her to finance his lifestyle.

He also refused to go through with the proper legal proceedings, meaning that he is still Lee’s legal husband.

Rockowitz Now Searching for Lawyer

In a later part of his video, Song revealed that Rockowitz is currently trying to find a lawyer to overrule his late wife’s will.

Apparently, he thinks that her will could be fake.

He also questioned why Lee’s mother should receive all of Lee’s assets.

If he successfully overrules Lee’s will, he will legally become the “first heir” of her estate.

Lee’s Sister’s Response: I’m Not Him

When contacted by SET News, a news channel in Taiwan, Lee’s sister Nancy Lee said that she is not Rockowitz and cannot speak for him.


She also said that reporters can go and ask him about the matter directly.

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