Leaked Documents Revealed More Details About Coco Lee’s Strained Relationship With Her Husband, Bruce Rockowitz

The late Hong Kong superstar Coco Lee allegedly had a tumultuous relationship with her husband—so much to the extent that his name was excluded from her obituary.

However, leaked documents have revealed even more details about the couple’s relationship.

Here’s what you need to know.

Coco Lee’s Husband Had an Extramarital Affair in 2017; Coco Lee Knew About It

As most of us know by now, stardom isn’t always sunshine and roses. And the same goes for Coco Lee.

According to Mirror Media, Coco Lee’s husband, Canadian businessman Bruce Rockowitz, had an extramarital affair in 2017. This was discovered in a leaked document believed to be a marital settlement agreement.

We didn’t know Detective Conan was also interested in Coco Lee’s life.

According to the leaked document, Lee found out about the extramarital affair. Allegedly, Rockowitz promised to end the affair.

Spoiler alert: he doesn’t.

The Hong Kong-American singer eventually had her very own “Detective Conan” moment and discovered that her husband had yet to cut ties with his lover.

Or, as we colloquially call it in Singapore, his xiao san.

Rockowitz allegedly continued keeping in contact with his xiao san, which, of course, wasn’t great news for Lee.

She apparently fell into depression as a result.

Coco Lee Falls into Depression; Husband Went on Holiday as Coco Lee Battled Breast Cancer

Fast forward to a few years later, in August 2022, Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer.

While she was battling depression and breast cancer, her husband decided to pull the “smartest” move in the universe—to go on holiday to the Spanish island of Ibiza.

This led to the worsening of Lee’s depression symptoms.

If you recall, in December 2022, Coco Lee posted an Instagram photo of her tattoos with a lengthy caption reflecting on what was an “incredibly difficult year”.


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Well, at least now we seem to know the reasons behind it.

Rockowitz Yet to Respond to Allegations

While Rockowitz has yet to respond to these new allegations, suffice it to say that his reputation is far from good at this point.

Since the Hong Kong-American singer’s death on 5 July, Rockowitz has found himself in the crosshairs of the singer’s fans worldwide. Apparently, he’s even in the crosshairs of Lee’s family.

In late July, Lee’s family took out an obituary for Lee in some Hong Kong newspapers. Although obituaries usually list the names of one’s kin, including that of one’s spouse, the obituary had no mention of Lee’s husband at all.

You can read more about the strange non-appearance of Lee’s husband’s name here.