Coco Lee’s Sister Explained Why Coco Lee’s Husband Name Wasn’t in Coco Lee’s Latest Obituary


When Hong Kong superstar Coco Lee recently passed away, her personal life was again thrown into the spotlight.

In particular, there were some speculations about her relationship with her Canadian business husband, Bruce Rockowitz.

Some said they were estranged and about to divorce before she killed herself due to depression.

In the latest update about this matter, Lee’s husband was not listed in her obituary commissioned by her older sister.

However, there appears to be an explanation for this.

Here is what happened.

Coco Lee’s Husband Was Not Named in Her Obituary

On Friday (21 July 2023), superstar Coco Lee’s family took out an obituary to commemorate her in some Hong Kong newspapers.

However, the name of Lee’s husband, Bruce Rockowitz, was conspicuously absent from the listing.

For those unaware, an obituary usually lists one’s kin, including spouse, brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents.

There may also be step-relatives listed if desired.

As such, Rockowitz’s non-appearance in the list of names featured on the obituary seemed out of place.

This led others to speculate once again about the couple’s tumultuous relationship.

They were reported to be estranged and on the verge of being divorced.

Some of the reasons included that Rockowitz had been asking Lee for money to finance his lifestyle without finding a proper job to support himself independently.

There were also speculations that he was cheating on the famous star before she committed suicide due to depression.

Her Husband Took Out a Separate Obituary

Whatever the case, Lee’s elder sister, Nancy Lee, has urged the public to stop speculating and gossiping without basis.


According to the elder Lee, Rockowitz had taken out a separate obituary before the Lee family did.

In that earlier obituary, his two daughters from a previous marriage and some of Lee’s sisters were named.

The elder Lee also spoke to Taiwanese news media to point out that Rockowitz’s absence from the obituary names should not be surprising.

Speaking to SET News, the elder Lee said their obituary also “did not include other family members because there were just too many”.

For example, another family member was not listed as Lee’s “86-year-old mother”.


She then appealed for “respect” for the deceased family’s arrangements and to stop “running unnecessary gossip”.

For fans who want to pay their respects to Lee in person, her funeral will be held on 31 July 2023 and 1 August 2023 at Hong Kong Funeral Home in North Point.