Coffee Coke Review: Tastes Like Carbonated Dark Chocolate Milk


Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the release of the limited edition Coca-Cola Plus Coffee.

If you don’t know what I am rambling on about, the Coca-Cola Plus Coffee is basically a fusion of two indispensable beverages—Coffee and Coke.

And today, I finally got to try it.


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The Coca-Cola Plus Coffee has arrived in Singapore, and let’s just say that the taste is very subjective: one of us thinks it’s like coffee candy, one of us thinks it’s like carbonated dark chocolate milk and one of us think it’s like Vanilla Coke. However, none of us thinks that it’s worth a second try, simply because we’ll all rather have Coke and coffee separately. Read the full review in our app. Link in bio. #sgig #sg #singapore #instasg #yoursingapore #sgphoto #singaporean #singaporelife #thisissingapore #instagramsg #igerssingapore #iluvsg #sgdaily #singaporeig #sglocal #sglifestyle #sgbloggers #sgblogger #sgfood #sgfoodies #foodsg #sgigfood #sgfoodporn #coke #cokecoffeeplus #cocacolacoffee #cocacola #sgcoffee

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Being the research mole that I am, I like to search for other people’s reviews online before getting the drink. After thorough investigation, I was as apprehensive as ever.

Why? Because even though some people thought that the drink was a hellish concoction, others loved it.

In other words, the reviews were rather mixed.


Never adventurous with food and drinks, I decided to take a leap of faith and give the coffee infused beverage a go. And I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised by the taste.

My first thought? This.


This was one of my favorite candies growing up. Ironic I know, given that I’m not a fan of coffee itself.


I’ve always thought of coffee as a drink of acquired taste and so I’ve probably not had it enough to appreciate it for what it is (sorry, you coffee lovers out there!).

I love Kopiko. I can’t put my finger to it, but I think my affection for it grew from the sweet aroma of the candy, which overpowers the bitter coffee taste. And this is what Coca-Cola Plus Coffee reminds me of.

It isn’t as sweet as regular coke, but sweet enough to mask the bitterness of coffee.


It almost fooled me, though. Even though the drink isn’t as bitter as what I had expected from coffee, it contains nearly as much caffeine as a cup of regular coffee.

Just for comparison’s sake: A good o’ mug of coffee has about 40 mg of caffeine while Coca-Cola Plus Coffee has 34 mg of caffeine.

The caffeine comes in the form of extract powder.

Another plus point? It supposedly contains only half the calories of a regular Coke.


Water is the answer but Coca-cola Plus Coffee comes close. You don’t have to worry about getting fat from drinking it.

The Coffee Concierge commented that the tasting experience was “more like tasting a sip of Coke, followed by a sip of cold coffee”. This is similar to how I feel about the drink.

The two flavors are distinct and there isn’t a whole new, mind-blowing combination right there. Overall, I find the fusion refreshing and it is definitely worth a try.



One of my colleague thinks that it tastes like gassy dark chocolate milk, possibly due to the blend of Coke (sweet) and Coffee (bitter), which resembles milk (sweet) and dark chocolate (bitter).

Which brings us to the first point: the taste is really subjective. Heck, one of you might drink it and thinks that it tastes like Milo. Or rotten eggs mixed with thousand-year-old pee.

But overall rating? If we add the opinion of everyone who’s tried it in the office, it’d be 3/5.

And it’s really, very, very subjective, though there’s one common conclusion: we all won’t try it again. It’s a novelty that would most likely fade away as fast as Anything or Whatever.

Just for your info, we didn’t get the drinks from 7-Eleven, but from Sheng Siong at $1.10 per can.


And just one more info: our usual Coke has 320 ml, but this has only 240 ml as it’s imported in. Interesting, eh?

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