Collision Occurred Between Foodpanda Cyclist & GrabFood PMD Rider; Many Netizens Blamed PMD Instead

Crossovers come in many shapes and forms these days.

A famous one would be the Avengers, where famous heroes and villains cross paths in epic stories.

Image: Giphy

Maybe you’ve heard of Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, where characters from various games and media clash in fighting combat.

Regardless, you sometimes simply can’t escape from crossing fate.

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Sometimes though, crossovers and crashes happen a little closer to real life.

Or in this case, Foodpanda and GrabFood.

Unfortunate Collision

If you expected something super dramatic and anime-like, then let me give you a Thanos quote.

“Reality is often disappointing.”

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A video was uploaded to SG Road Vigilante’s Facebook page, showing a roadside accident between a Foodpanda cyclist and a GrabFood PMD user.

The incident took place at the junction of Tampines Avenue 5 and Tampines Avenue 4 on Sunday morning, 6 October.

The two were moving quickly and had a clash at the zebra crossing.

However, the impact caused only the Foodpanda rider to fall off his bike and left the GrabFood rider unharmed.

What kind of got me was that the GrabFood guy didn’t even help him up, only stopping to look before riding away.

At least a bunch of pedestrians got the poor Foodpanda guy on his feet.

Image: Facebook (SGRVigilante)

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Facebook post without the comments section.

Against The PMD Rider

It’s always the depths of the comments section where people truly express themselves.

And express themselves in anger, they did. Many of them took to the front and blamed the PMD user.

Image: Facebook (SGRVigilante)

Straight out the gates saying that the PMD rider shouldn’t even ride.

Image: Facebook (SGRVigilante)

I want to kind of agree on this one, but we try our best to keep it neutral.

Maybe the guy was late for delivery?

Image: Facebook (SGRVigilante)

This one is a little iffy because we’re can’t exactly tell what happened since the crash happened in front of a car.


A Slightly More Neutral Side

As mentioned, the car likely blocked the view and several did feel it was unfair to immediately judge the PMD rider for what he did.

Image: Facebook (SGRVigilante)
Image: Facebook (SGRVigilante)

The second comment actually brings up a decent point.

It would’ve been more beneficial if both stopped to slowly cross the zebra crossing. In fact, some might consider it lucky it wasn’t a more serious road accident.

Roadside Awareness

On a more serious note, I think this strikes a chord with all of us to be careful when crossing the roads.

It was only recently that a 65-year-old lady passed away from a PMD related accident due to the negligence of the rider.


Sometimes it could even be unexpected accidents, like a taxi driver whose tumour erupted and blacked out while driving, causing an accident.

As always, double, triple and quadruple check your surroundings. You could save yourself or someone else from a nasty hit.

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