Taxi Driver Who Caused Fatal Accident Blacked Out When His Liver Tumour Ruptured

Image: Stomp

Accidents are the worst.

While you can definitely attribute some cases to bad conduct, there are instances where things could’ve gone beyond anyone’s control.

Causes like perhaps a tumour.

All the way back in March, a taxi driver blacked out mid-drive and caused an accident involving someone’s death.

It turns out, the situation might’ve been a bit more complicated than anyone would’ve guessed.

Unfortunate Turn Of Events

Mr How Yuen Fah, 72, was driving his taxi along Queensway when the incident happened.

Image: Stomp

Unaware that he had a tumour in his liver, it suddenly ruptured and caused him to blackout.

Mr How claimed that when he started his shift at 6.30pm, he didn’t feel sick and was actually completely rested.

Unfortunately, this was short-lived. Soon after he picked up three passengers from Bishan Road taxi stand, he felt a sharp pain in his right abdomen.

While travelling along Commonwealth Avenue West towards Queensway, he felt the pain again, this time also in his neck.

He also started breaking out in cold sweat. Definitely not a good sign.

Finally, along Queensway before the junction of Jalan Bukit Merah, he signalled that he would be turning right before falling unconscious.

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Insane Wake-Up Realisations

Things took a turn for the worse when Mr How woke up.

The front seat passenger was shouting at him and he had a pain on the right side of his stomach.

His now damaged taxi was at Alexandria Road, and he had unknowingly caused a roadside accident.

A YouTube video showing bits of the accident can be seen below.

It seemed that while unconscious, the moving taxi had hit three pedestrians crossing the road along Jalan Bukit Merah.

One victim, Madam Tng Yew Huay, 66, died from a head injury at 9.20pm that day after being taken to the National University Hospital (NUH).

I can only imagine how terrified Mr How was.

Mr How’s Condition

The poor taxi driver really suffered a lot.

Mr How was also taken to NUH, where doctors showed that the tumour rupture caused severe bleeding into his abdomen and a loss of blood flow to his brain.

This was what probably caused the momentary loss of consciousness.

Further medical investigations revealed that he had hepatocellular carcinoma, a form of liver cancer.

Image: Giphy

The situation is pretty crap, and it honestly isn’t even anyone’s fault.

There was no suspected foul play on Mr How’s side, it was just a man going about his day. Madam Tng even crossed the road at the proper time too.

If there’s anything to take away, maybe sometimes double-checking is not enough.

Be vigilant on the roads, even when the green-man is on. You never know when something scary might strike.