Community Cat Went Viral As He DGAF About Leaves Placed Around Him Like a Crime Scene


Last Updated on 2021-12-22 , 5:26 pm

On the list of the most lively and energetic animals in the world, the cat is nearer to the bottom than most.

In fact, it comes third last, followed by sloths and elderly pandas.

Over time, a pet cat in the house often becomes an accompaniment to furniture, much like a sofa to a chair, except at 3am when it demands food.

This uncanny ability to look like a lifeless ball of fur recently gave one Facebook user a shock, as it looked like it was part of a crime scene.

Community Cat Decorated with Leaves Went Viral After Woman Thought it Was Dead 

A woman’s amusing account of an encounter with a community cat that was a little too relaxed has gone viral on social media.

The woman, Veronica, detailed the incident in a Facebook post yesterday (20 Dec).

According to the post, Veronica had driven over to a residential area to visit a community cat named Mr Kitty.

She was shocked when she found him, as he looked like this:

Image: Facebook (Veronica JL NG)

As you can see, the cat was lying on its side, seemingly motionless. But what was disturbing was the a circle of leaves placed around the cat, much like crime scene investigators in movies do when removing a corpse from a murder scene:

Image: Wikipedia

This outline is often drawn at crime scenes to provide context for photographs of the crime scene, and to assist investigators in preserving the evidence.

So, either the cat police had run out of chalk, or the wind had miraculously blown all the leaves into a nearly perfect oval around the feline. The answer was neither, of course. It was the doing of some kids.

And thankfully, the cat was not dead, as Veronica saw it moving upon closer inspection.

As for the leaves, well, that’s another amusing story.

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Two young girls near Mr Kitty told Veronica that they had placed the leaves around Mr Kitty because it was going to rain and they didn’t want the cat to get cold. Wanting to keep the little guy warm, they made a “house” out of leaves, and even put a few leaves on the cat as a “blanket”.

Image: Facebook (Veronica JL NG)



While they were talking, one of the kids told Veronica that she was going to get more leaves, as they felt that they hadn’t used enough.

“I was very touched,” Veronica said. “I love children who love to do nice things for cats and dogs. This really made my Monday!!!”

As for Mr Kitty, well he clearly DGAF about anything going on around him, or even on him.

Image: Facebook (Veronica JL NG)

If only we could be more like that.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Veronica JL NG)

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