China Responds to Wang Leehom’s Scandal & Warns Celebrities to ‘Pay Attention to Morals’

Unless you’ve been on secret interplanetary missions for the past week, you’re probably aware of the scandal involving Wang Leehom.

Much like many other celebrity divorces, Wang’s judicial separation from his ex-wife ended in acrimony: his ex-wife flung several allegations at Wang—that he had affairs during their marriage and was emotionally abusive—and Wang initially flung some back at her, denying all the claims.

Just a day later, however, the Taiwanese-American singer issued a public apology to his ex-wife.

You can watch this video to the end to know about the entire scandal in less than three minutes:

As you’d expect, almost literally everyone on the internet has weighed in on the issue, many of them denouncing Wang for his alleged actions.

Now, even the Chinese government has made their feelings on the matter known.

China Responds to Wang Leehom’s Scandal & Warns Celebrities to ‘Pay Attention to Morals’

“It’s important for celebrities to pay attention to morals.”

This was what a monitoring body from the Chinese Community Party said recently, in response to no one in particular.

We can only assume it concerns Wang’s scandal.

The Central Committee of Disciplinary Inspection (CCDI), the party’s highest internal monitoring body, made these comments shortly after Wang’s alleged transgressions came to light last week.

“The recent case of the collapse of a celebrity’s image has once again proven that the words and actions of public figures receive a lot of attention and their actions make an impact on society,” it said.

“If these stars do not discipline themselves, they will not be respected by others. They will eventually pay for their evildoings.”

Unless they’re interested in the NOC Saga, we can only presume that they’re referring to Wang.

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Netizens Call on Wang to Quit Showbiz After Apology

On Sunday, Wang published a four-page statement in response to his ex-wife’s allegations.

In it, he claims:

  • that he was never unfaithful during their marriage
  • that he was forced into marriage
  • that he “lived in fear” during his marriage

His ex-wife said “Nice try” in a response post, and accused of him pulling the wool over the public’s eye.

“You did everything to protect yourself. It is not shameful that you made a mistake, but that you did not feel remorseful and did not correct your mistake. You just kept on lying to fool the public,” she said.

A day later, Wang apologised to his wife for not “managing the marriage properly” and would be taking a break from work.

Despite garnering over 6.2 million likes, the apology did little to appease fans, many of whom called on the singer to quit showbiz.

One netizen said: “As a fan for 10 years, I hope you retreat from the entertainment circle and reflect on this … I trusted you so much before, and had your song as a ringtone for 10 years … Now I am extremely disappointed.”

Others, however, defended Wang, and promised to continue supporting him.

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