Company Giving Free Furniture & Appliances, Like Fridge or Air-Con, to Low-Income Families

COVID-19 has caused many things to change.

Unfortunately, one of those things could’ve been a stable job.

Stories of people getting laid off are sadly not uncommon anymore and some don’t even have enough cash for daily necessities.

However, there are some companies out there trying to help those who’re financially strapped.

How? By giving out free items to those who need it.

Furniture And Household Appliances

Meet Singapore Carpentry, a business that pretty much does what you know carpentries do.

But did you know that they also give away free furniture and household appliances?

Image: Giphy

Of course, this is only for those who really need it.

According to Mothership, the furniture and home appliances being given away are second-hand items.

According to a spokesperson, these items come from previous renovations works.

Through this, they hope to “reduce waste and support the needy in our community in an environmentally friendly way.”

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Dubbed the Wishlist, some of them include a king-sized bed, a refrigerator, an air conditioner, shelves and even an exercise machine.

Image: Singapore Carpentry

It might be second hand, but the items look to be in really good condition!

Image: Singapore Carpentry
Image: Singapore Carpentry

Some of you might now be excited and are trying to nab some nice furniture.

Don’t be so kanchiong. 

Just remember that you need to be under certain criteria first.

For Low-Income Families

For starters, you need to make a wishlist account before you do anything.

Image: Singapore Carpentry

It’s a lot of the usual. Fill up your name, birthdate, phone email and whatnot.

You’ll be needing your NRIC too just to make sure you’re not an alien from Mars or something.

After filling up your personal details, you also have to indicate how much your monthly income is.

Include any family members, where they work along with their monthly income too.

This is because the wishlist is only available for those with a combined income under $3000 or under $1000 per capita income.


Got to make sure greedy people can’t abuse it after all.


Once done, you can choose the furniture you want and just wait for the confirmation email, which should come within seven working days.

Just be sure to pack some extra cash since they have a delivery cost of $50.

Pretty awesome to see companies step up to help the needy, especially since many have been hit financially by the virus outbreak.

I hope to see more companies follow suit!


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