You Can Donate Your Old Laptop to a Group That’ll Fix It & Give to Needy Kids Who’re Doing HBL Now

From tomorrow (8 April 2020) onwards, all students would be studying at home via a laptop or desktop for a month.

To many of us, that’d mean that students can finally sleep in.

But to some students, they might not even have a working computer at home because not everyone’s as privileged as us.

And that’s when a campaign called “Computers Against Covid” comes in handy.

You Can Donate Your Old / Spoilt Laptops to a Group That’ll Fix Them & Give to Kids Who’re Doing HBL Now

Engineering Good, according to their website, is “a Singapore-based non-profit organisation that empowers disadvantaged communities by improving their quality of life through sustainable engineering solutions.”

And recently, they started a campaign called “Computers Against Covid”.

As students need to be studying at home for a month now, computers and laptops have almost run out of stock in retail shops last weekend.

But not everyone can buy one, and Computers Against Covid aims to fix old laptops for households that couldn’t afford one.

The idea is simple: donate your old laptop to them and they’ll refurbish or fix them, and give them to the needy.


To do so, you simply need to fill up a form and they’ll either send someone to collect from you, or you can deliver it to their office yourself.

It’s fine if the laptop isn’t “perfectly functional” as they would try to fix it.

In addition to laptops, they are also accept donations for hardware like monitors, CPUs or hard drives—and you don’t need to worry if these parts are useful or not. Those folks aren’t called Engineering Good for no reason.

For more information, you can check out their website.

Home-Based Learning to Start from 8 April 2020

From tomorrow onwards, the streets of Singapore are going to get even emptier as it’d be the first day that schools would “shut down”.

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All students would have to go through Home-Based Learning at home, which they’ve experienced it for one day last week.

In addition, even BMT recruits would have been sent home to do Home-Based Learning, thought theirs is called “home-based instructional material on basic skills and fitness development.”

In other words, surprisingly, there’s one industry that’s huat-ing from this COVID-19 outbreak: laptop manufacturers.

What an unexpected twist again.

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