It’s Confirmed That Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Has Charging Issues, But It Won’t Catch Fire


Samsung users, heads up!

There’s been an established problem with particular Samsung Galaxy Note 8 models, and it’s-

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Luckily… it’s not. 

But don’t relax just yet, as the issue at hand’s something that’s nearly as bad.

Although to be fair, nothing beats a phone that might blow off your right thigh any moment.

Charging issues

According to multiple reports, some Galaxy Note 8 owners have reported issues when their devices’ batteries are drained completely.


Although the problems aren’t widespread, those affected will “find their dead devices refusing to charge or power on”.

Samsung has since confirmed the issue to Engadget, nothing that it has been on the receiving end of “a very limited number of reports which could be associated with the power management circuit.”

So what’s the exact problem here?

Sammobile’s Abhijeet had an inkling.

“It’s also unclear if this is a hardware or software issue. Some users report that their phone does show the charging circle when connected to a power source but refuses to actually charge, while others say the phone gets warm when connected but the screen remains blank,” he wrote.

“It’s a similar theme with wireless charging: the blue charging light on the charger comes up, but the phone remains unresponsive, suggesting the software might be to blame.”

What can I do?

If you’re one of the suay ones, Samsung recommends that you get a warranty replacement for your Galaxy Note 8. However, some users might effectively be trading in their newer Galaxy Note 8s for refurbished Note 8s.

Not exactly the most ideal change-up, honestly, but then again you don’t really have a choice. Unless you prefer your dead Note 8, of course.

Alternatively, you can attempt “stack charging” to get your smartphone’s tank all revved up again.

Simply take your dead device and plug in the charger for roughly 10 to 15 seconds, before unplugging it. Wait 30 seconds, and repeat the process.

While it might be tedious, and in no way a guaranteed solution, your smartphone could be awakened just enough to go through a normal charging process again.


Contact them directly

Samsung has released a statement:

“We are unable to comment further until we obtain more specific information from the phone. Any consumers with questions about their device should contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG so that we can help them.”

So if you’re stuck with a dead phone no matter what you do, you can always try hitting them up.

Although I highly doubt their assistance through the phone.

“Hello, sir, how may I help you?”


“Hey! My phone just died! Help!”


“Hello?! Hello?!”

“Hang on damn it, I’m searching through the help manual! Let’s see… keyword is dead…”

“Please save my phone! I only got it for like… a few hours?”



“Umm… hello?”

“Please refer to our tech support department for more details-”

“Wtf are you talking about? You’re the tech support!”

“And we wish you a pleasant evening. Goodbye!”



Wouldn’t be surprised if it went somewhere along those lines…

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