Youth Who Did ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ by Licking Toilet Seat Allegedly Tested ‘Positive’ for COVID-19

Do you know that other than COVID-19, there’s another disease roaming the earth now?

Unlike COVID-19 that affects the elderly more, this latest one affects the youngsters.

It’s called STUPID-20, and usually, people who are infected have been isolated in a place called TikTok, and their symptoms are as follow: desire for attention, doing stupid things and starting challenges.

Not too long ago, TikToker @avalouiise started the most intellectual challenge ever to surface on earth: the coronavirus challenge.

Basically, she licked a toilet bowl seat.

That girl’s future is bright, indeed.

The video is removed by TikTok soon after, and it was later revealed that her goal is to get into CNN.

Screenshot by

Also, she claimed to have earned USD$4,000 for this stunt.

Screenshot by

Good for her?

You’d have thought that the challenge died as fast as it began, but no: birds of the same feather flock together, and one of her friends, Larz, accepted the challenge and licked a toilet bowl as well.

So, who’s this Larz?

To fully understand how he thinks, you need to hear what he said. In a TV interview, he said this proudly, ”I don’t talk to my family. They’re irrelevant. None of them have followers, if they got followers or got rich I’d probably talk to them again.”

Did he not wash his mouth after licking the toilet seat?

So now that you know him very well, let’s move on to the meat of this article…

Tested “Positive” for COVID-19

The 21-year-old California social media “influencer”, who has 28.9k followers in Instagram, then posted a video on his Twitter account, showing him in a hospital with the caption “I tested positive for Coronavirus.”

The Twitter account was, however, suspended, but he wasn’t about to give up telling the world about his status, so he posted this on Instagram:

View this post on Instagram

I got diagnosed with Coronavirus 😥

A post shared by LARZ (@larz) on

Which leads me to step up from my chair and onto the armchair detective’s seat with this question:

Is he just making stories up for the attention?

My Conclusion



So if there’s one thing you ought to learn from this article, it’s this:

Don’t believe anyone who’s obsessed with attention, if not you’d become his currency.

Lest you didn’t know, the US is now one of the most severely hit COVID-19 countries in the world, ranking #3 in the total number cases, with just Italy and China having more cases than the superpower.

No wonder he’s leveraging on that to gain attention.


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