Corpse in Coffin Appeared to Wave for Help But Burial Still Continued


I have never been a fan of horror movies. Those jump scares often bring nightmares for countless of nights.

While the horror genre didn’t really enrapture me, I do think about the supernatural from time to time.

Do these horror movies really happen in real life? Or is it all just pure fiction?

Maybe not.

Corpse in Coffin Appeared to Wave for Help But Burial Still Continued

A video posted on YouTube on Saturday (16 May) captured a spine-chilling moment.

A corpse looked as though it was waving from inside a coffin.

This spooky incident was filmed during a burial service in the city of Manado, Indonesia, on 5 May.


It has since sparked fears that the victim may have been buried alive.

According to the video, it showed a devastated family gathering around the coffin as a priest read prayers during the burial service.

The camera then zooms in on the coffin, where a frightening outline of what seems to be a hand can be faintly seen moving under the casket’s glass panel.

Simultaneously, the priest is heard saying, “God has said in the book of John. I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me he will live even though he is dead.”

Yes, I’ve replayed it a few million times: the outline of the hand appears to be waving halfway through the burial, and there seems to be some movement inside the coffin.

However, back then, no one had taken notice of it as they were all grieving over the loss of the person.

The burial continued and the video ended there and then.

Alive or Dead?

Online netizens in Indonesia have expressed their confusion and fright over this video.

One wrote that maybe the person was indeed alive, and was trying to dig his way out.

Another chimed in that it might just be a mouse.

However, despite the supernatural claims, scientists have found that the corpse was most likely moving around due to a phenomenon called rigor mortis.

Rigor mortis is a process after death that causes the muscles in the body to stiffen, resulting in rigidity, due to chemical changes in the muscle structure.

According to research, it is a reliable indicator that death has occurred. It usually considered to appear between 1 and 6 hours (average 2–4 hours) after death. Depending on the circumstances, it may last for a few hours to several days.


Perhaps this is why human bodies can change their position and “move” on their own, even after death.

This might be an explanation for this video.

What do you think?

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