Couple Who Bought $184 Rings Got Dissed by Disgruntled Staff, The Internet Erupts


This is a story that deserved to be shared. Not because some rude staff got disciplined but because it shows that true love isn’t measured in dollars and cents.

We’re a pretty disillusioned generation, cynical and jaded. Girls only go for rich guys; if you’re not rich, you can’t get a girl. Some may have meant it as a joke but there are others who takes this seriously.

Guys, if you have a girl in your life like the one in this story, hold on to her tight or you’ll regret for life.

The Couple Who Had to Scrape Everyday to Pay the Bills


Meet full-time student Ariel Desiree McRae and her fiance, car service adviser Quinn McRae who were at Pandora to pick up a few rings for the happiest occasion of their lives.

She wrote on Facebook about her experience shopping for her rings when a sales assistant walked over and dissed them over their choice in rings.

Y’all can you believe that some men get these as engagement rings? How pathetic.

She shared how she saw her fiance’s face fell because he couldn’t afford to buy her the pear-shaped set that she had her eyes on.

Before they got the rings, he had asked her many times if she’s “sure she’s happy with these”. He was afraid the rings were not enough to make her happy.


I would have married him even for a 25 cents gumball machine ring

Not wanting to make a scene, she said, “It isn’t the ring that matters, it is the love that goes into buying one that matters.”

Then they bought the rings and left.

The post went viral and people around the world fell in love with this couple

As of 10 December 2016, the post has garnered over 56,000 shares and has led to many people sharing their story, telling the world how their relationship stood strong even without rich flashy rings or expensive gifts.

Pandora got into contact with the couple and apologised for their employee’s conduct and offered to send her a bracelet as compensation.

They have also asked for the location and name of the employee but she declined to reveal the information to the Danish jewellery company. 

True love still exists after all.

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