Couple in Indonesia Allegedly Broke COVID-19 Rules for Wedding & Family Members Died from COVID-19 Infections Soon After

We’re five days into our beloved Phase 2.

The sweet, sweet freedom that we have been longing for since the start of the circuit breaker in April is here for us to enjoy.

While we want to rush out to grab our bubble teas and meet our friends, there are still restrictions in place.

The pandemic is far from over and the last thing we want is another circuit breaker due to resurgence in cases.

If you need a refresher on what you still can’t do in Phase 2, you may read up here.

Basically, one of the big no-nos is large scale events or gatherings. So, please do not try to play punk by trying to host some big party at your house or something.

Want an example of what might happen if you do?

Indonesian Wedding Contributes to Spike in COVID-19 Cases

Currently, in Singapore, we are allowed to have a wedding solemnisation but with a guest cap of 10 people if held at home or at ROM, or 20 people if elsewhere.

Finally, a good reason to not invite that annoying aunt for your wedding!

In Indonesia, very similar restrictions have been put in place. Basically, the number of people cannot exceed 30.

However, one couple decided, “Meh, screw the rules”, and invited over 30 guests for their wedding on 19 June.

Well, you can already guess how this ends.

The number of cases saw a 136 per cent spike to a total of 554 cases with 112 fatalities on Monday.

Reader Bao: Eh, what if it’s a coincidence?

Well, my dear Baofulness, read on.

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Family Members Passed Away From COVID-19

Initially, a test on nine people found five who had Covid-19.

However, as they started contact tracing, more and more positive cases were found.

Even the staff at the mosque were not spared from the spread.

As the virus started to spread in the family and to other families, many started to fall ill, some with fatal consequences.

Currently, the groom’s mother and the bride’s sibling had unfortunately succumbed to the illness.

The father is also in critical condition.

As of now, we can only pray for the health of the couple’s family members and wherever it has spread, with the hopes that it will be contained soon enough.

It’s Phase Two, Not Post-Covid-19 Phase

For us Singaporeans, take this as a lesson that the rules and restrictions are in place for a reason.

And there will always be consequences.

For those thinking, “Aiya, that won’t happen for me la, where got so suay one”, that’s probably what they thought too.

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