Couple Strikes Lottery; Husband Runs Away With Lottery Ticket As He Didn’t Want To Share

Last Updated on 2020-02-17 , 10:07 pm

I’m not saying I have experience in winning any lottery before, but when you do, it’s better not to announce it to everybody you know.

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Because you know it: be a little rich and everyone around you wanna get a little piece of that pie.

Colleagues will ask you to treat them to lunch, say it’s a joke but it’s actually exactly what they wanted.

Relatives will suddenly call you and ask how you doing. A few insurance and property agents will suddenly be a bit more friendlier to you, knowing you’re no longer a poor bastard who can’t afford the premium plans.

Because communism. / Image: Reddit (u/gibsonl_9)

But what about your significant other? Your spouse? The one you chose to spend the rest of your life with?

Surely, as two halves that complete each other, surely this means that it’s both your and his/hers regardless of who wins right?

Not according to this man in Thailand.

Won 6 Million Baht (~S$270K) In The Lottery Together

Pornthida Chamnanwet, 23, and her husband Wijak Wannaprasit, 34, are both natives of Bangkok’s Thon Buri district and worked in the same factory.

According to Bangkok Post, they cashed in a ticket for a three-digit prize with a lottery vendor on 9 November 2019. They bought two more government lottery tickets.

One of the tickets, 017223, was chosen by Pornthida and matched the draw to win a 6-million-baht first prize on 16 Nov 2019.

I don’t know why this couple was buying so many lottery tickets, but hey, if you win then all’s good right?

They recorded their win at Phra Pradaeng police station, took photos with the ticket, and signed their names on it.

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Then returned to their rented room at Soi Suk Sawat 64.

They agreed to divide the prize equally, and were just planning how each of them would spend their share.

Husband Changed His Mind About Equal Split

But the next day, the husband changed his mind. He said that she’d be getting only 2 million baht instead of 3 million.

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The wife asked for a reason and this resulted in an argument. Her husband walked out with the ticket and asked her to go to court.

So she filed a police report and asked police to prevent her husband cashing in the ticket. Additionally, she also said she would ask the Government Lottery Office to block payment.

Image: CTN News

According to a “well know Thai lawyer”, Kittiwitayanan, the husband would have faced up to three years in jail for stealing the winning ticket under Article 352.

After the husband leaving got blown up on social media, the husband returned home. It is said that they are back together, and will collect the winnings on 19 Nov 2019.

As of writing, we’re not sure what happened to the couple. But returning after the public, media and police caught your shit to run away because of money?

I don’t know man, I could be wrong but this doesn’t look like a loving couple.

Pure Positive Speculation

But let’s put a positive speculation to this: everything below is just my theory (with a positive lean towards the husband).

Maybe the wife had a huge problem with gambling and buying the lottery ticket. That’s why they bought so many tickets in the first place. Out of spite, the husband says to “do whatever the hell you want and buy those lottery tickets, go waste our money”.

What he didn’t expect was that those lottery tickets actually won. So he decided that in order to prevent her from gambling away the money again, he would take a larger portion. This resulted in the quarrel.

But hey, it’s just a theory. A GAME THEEORY.