S’pore Couple’s Wedding Bouquet Comprises KFC Chicken With an IG-Worthy KFC Backdrop

Love in a Bucket: Singapore Couple’s KFC-Themed Wedding Steals Hearts

Weddings are becoming increasingly unique and personalised.

Some are held at Ya Kun or in a Bukit Merah Coffee Shop, some attempted to invite the President of Singapore, while brides may carry McNugget bouquets or, as in this case, a KFC bouquet.

Image: Facebook (@wliangle)

Meet Wong Le Liang, a 32-year-old part-time lecturer who delivers her lectures from a wheelchair.

On 26 Nov, this past Sunday, Wong and her husband, Xie Peng, celebrated their wedding at a SAFRA clubhouse, and their banquet was none other than a KFC feast.

Image: Facebook (@wliangle)

The reason? Because Wong is a devoted KFC enthusiast.

In fact, she dreamed of having a KFC-themed wedding since her secondary school days.

After meeting her now-husband, a 40-year-old software engineer, she invited him to a date at—you guessed it—KFC.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the couple connected through a dating app, and he expressed his excitement about their KFC rendezvous because he also loved it.

Indeed, it was a match made in KFC heaven.

They already had much in common before meeting in person, and their choice of a KFC date allowed him to see her practical and down-to-earth side.

After meeting, Xie discovered that Wong wasn’t just someone he enjoyed conversing with but also someone who inspired him to be a better person.

She’s Not Just Any KFC Fan, But One Who Never Chickens Out

Wong’s journey has not been without challenges.

Image: Facebook (@wliangle)

At 17, while in pre-tertiary education, she was an active member of her school’s bowling team.

However, her life took a dramatic turn when she suddenly passed out during class.

She was diagnosed with a hereditary condition known as congenital cerebral arteriovenous malformation, which caused a rupture in a malformed blood vessel, leading to bleeding in her brain.

Following surgery, she found herself unable to move from the neck down, a drastic change from her previous active lifestyle.

The loss of mobility was a profound and painful adjustment for her.

However, she drew strength from her family, friends, and the hospital staff who supported her during this challenging period.

Her road to recovery was marked by frequent hospital visits, brain surgeries, and rehabilitation therapy over eight long years.

In 2016, she underwent an embolisation procedure, which helped stabilise her condition, but she still needed a wheelchair due to complications from the surgery.

Despite these hardships, Wong remained optimistic and resilient.

After her hospital discharge, she started her own dropshipping business.

Additionally, she pursued higher education, earning a double degree in accounting and business and completing the Chartered Accountant Professional Diploma Course (ACCA) last year.

Her educational and career achievements set the stage for her meeting with Xie, a man who would become an integral part of her life.

Wong had openly shared her condition with Xie through the dating app, but he embraced her wholeheartedly, recognising their shared life goals and pace.

In the same year, they decided to tie the knot.

As an avid KFC fan, Wong took a chance and emailed her unique story to KFC, hoping for sponsorship of their wedding, a trend seen in many recent unconventional weddings.

To their delight, KFC not only responded positively but also agreed to sponsor half of their banquet and provide an eye-catching KFC photo backdrop for guests and family to capture memorable moments.

Initially, 60 of their invited guests were unaware of this unique wedding theme.

And, of course, there was the unforgettable fried chicken bouquet, which she playfully “threw” to a friend, also on a wheelchair, in keeping with tradition.

Image: Facebook (@wliangle)

The total sponsorship amounted to approximately S$2,300, making their KFC-themed wedding an unforgettable and heartwarming celebration of love and resilience.