FAQs About COVID-19 As Asked by Gov.sg & Answered by an Infectious Disease Specialist


With so many WhatsApp news, fake news and well-meaning advice from “housewife-experts”, most, if not all, are confused with the conflicting information.

Should I wear a mask if healthy? Double protection leh, I heard.

As long as I wear a mask, I am safe, right?

Wah, I cannot touch this person because the COVID-19 can spread by contact leh!

I heard that I can kena COVID-19 just by reading Goody Feed articles on my phone! Or is it STUPID-20 I can’t remember.

What is true, and what is not?

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Well, an infectious disease specialist has stepped forward to answer all questions about the Covid-19.

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And if you think he looks familiar, that’s because he was the one to say that people over 65 years old, as well as obese people, must wear masks.

Here’s what else he has to say:

Covid-19 101

How Does Covid-19 Spread?

Covid-19 spreads via respiratory droplets (droplets that are expelled from when we sneeze or cough). Well, you already know that so next~

Can we differentiate between Covid-19 symptoms and regular flu?

It’s “very difficult” as the usual symptoms are very similar: fever, sore throat, cough and headaches.

This is why the Singapore government recommended 5-day MCs for patients with respiratory problems because regular flu takes about 4 days to recover from.

Is Covid-19 Transmissible Even If Symptoms Are Not Shown?

It was said to be still transmissible. However, if someone doesn’t show the symptoms, he or she is “less likely” to cough or have nasal discharge. So the chances are low.

How Deadly is Covid-19?

Currently, the mortality rate is at 2%. But as nobody has the full number of people who are sick, this could be an exaggerated figure.

Treatments for Covid-19

Supportive care like adequate hydration, food and oxygen is enough for more than 90% of patients.

(Oh wait, doesn’t that mean healthy lifestyle? Shocking fact: healthy lifestyle beats COVID-19?!)


Reader Bao: Healthy lifestyle beats most diseases lah. Please continue, you idiot.


Daily Life

Should I stop going to public spaces?

Go out, do what you need to do and go back home. Dr Hoe says he’ll still go out but he “won’t loiter”.

How about handling stuff like money?

Wash your hand with soap before touching your face. And a Goody Feed tip: don’t smell or kiss your money. I know some of you have this weird habit.

Should I avoid places with confirmed or suspected places?

Nope. These places would have been disinfected thoroughly and should probably be one of the cleanest places in Singapore.


How about online shopping packages?

No worries, by the time the packages reach you, even from Wuhan, the virus should’ve been destroyed.

How about being near a quarantine site?

Again, the virus spread via droplets so you’ll likely not get infected since Covid-19 isn’t an airborne virus.

When I enter a taxi or a private-hire vehicle, I should…

Request for the driver to wound down the window. Circulating the air within the space would quickly dilute the virus and make it “negligible”.

Protecting Oneself

How do you protect yourself?

When unwell, put on a mask. Before touching your face, wash hands with soap and water.

Remember, washing hands frequently with soap and water is the number one way to protect yourself.

And it helps because…

Even with a mask, we might rub our eyes or dig our nose for gold. That way, the Covid-19 will still get to you.


So wash your hands clean of any Covid-19 virus before touching your face.

Hand sanitisers, are they useful?

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are effective and remember to dry your hands after. Don’t use wipes though because they have the nasty habit of spreading germs around.

How about businesses?

Split staff into two groups so they won’t meet at all. It’s even better if you can get them to work from home and minimise contact with clients (as much as possible).

Yeah, so if you’ve a crush in your office, this is the chance to get closer to your crush. This tip by Goody Feed love experts and not by Dr Leong.

All in All

Covid-19 isn’t scary, no matter how dire it appears to be on WhatsApp or the internet.


As long as you keep the FAQ’s answers in mind (above) and be socially responsible, you’ll be fine.

Here, let Singapore’s very own Phua Chu Kang tell you more about it:

Spread love, not virus. Genius lah, him.

In the meantime, no one knows if the virus would mutate into T-virus and turn people into zombies or not, so keep yourself updated by bookmarking the MOH’s website or subscribe to Gov.sg’s WhatsApp service.