COVID-19 Updates Singapore (1 Mar): 4 New Cases with 3 of Them from the Same Cluster


Unfortunately, we didn’t start March 2020 well.

Today (1 March 2020), four new COVID-19 cases were reported, and while three of them were related to the new cluster at Wizlearn Technologies, the source of infection for one of them is still unknown.

Here’s the report on the first day of March:

4 New COVID-19 Cases in S’pore Today (1 March); 3 Linked to a Cluster & 2 Have Been to Batam

The first patient is a 37-year-old Singaporean who is a family member of Case 93, a patient linked to the Wizlearn Technologies cluster. Interestingly enough, it’s revealed that she had been to Batam from 21 February to 23 February 2020. As you’d probably know, there are still zero cases in Indonesia. The woman is now warded in NCID.

The second patient is a 25-year-old foreign domestic worker of the first patient. A Myanmar national, she, too, had been to Batam with her employer on the same dates, and is currently being isolated in NCID as well.

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The third patient is a 49-year-old Singaporean who is also linked to the Wizlearn Technologies cluster, and is now warded in NCID, too.

The last patient is a 54-year-old Japanese national who works in Singapore. His source of infection is still unknown, and he was tested positive this morning.

Lest you’d like to know, if we exclude the Diamond Princess cruise, Japan currently has 243 cases.

Updates on Confirmed Cases

This means that currently, Singapore has 106 confirmed cases.

74 patients have fully recovered and are discharged, while 7 are in ICU. The conditions of the remaining 25 patients are either stable or improving.

As of noon today, only 367 are still serving their quarantine orders.

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