18 Out Of 18 Covid-19 Cases Reported Yesterday Are Asymptomatic Cases; 1 Telco Office Visited By Covid-19 Case

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Previously, we spoke about how the daily new cases in Singapore seems to be exhibiting two trends.

One, it has dropped to a whole new level (within the 10 to 20 range), which we hope will continue.

And two, asymptomatic cases are now being found.

Yesterday (20 Sep), Singapore reported 18 new Covid-19 cases.

And all 18 of them are asymptomatic cases, including the sole community case.

1 Case In The Community

The case in the community is a 28-year-old Bangladeshi man, and as of the time of writing, is still an unlinked case.

He was detected through the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) routine rostered testing (RRT) of workers in the marine, construction and processing sectors living outside of dormitories.

All close contacts have been identified and placed on isolation, the ministry says, and they will be tested for asymptomatic cases as well.

It was added that his household contacts will be given the serological test too to check if they’ve been previously infected and transmitted the coronavirus to him.

4 Imported Cases

All 4 imported cases detected yesterday were placed on Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) upon arrival in Singapore.

Two of them comes from the Philippines and arrived here on 8 Sep.

Another imported case is a student’s pass holder who arrived in Singapore on 9 Sep.

The remaining case is a dependant’s pass holder who reached here on 15 Sep 2020.

13 Migrant Workers Living In Dormitories

According to MOH, the remaining 13 cases are migrant workers living in dormitories.

Five of the cases are contacts of earlier-confirmed cases and have been placed on quarantine previously.

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Another 8 were detected through surveillance testing, like the bi-weekly RRT.

A majority of the cases in recent days were detected through surveillance testing, which explains why the authorities are stubborn about not letting workers go back to work if their employers have not scheduled them in the system for the first mandatory RRT.

Telco Office Visited By Covid-19 Cases

In a refreshing change, the single addition to MOH’s list of places visited by Covid-19 cases yesterday was a Telco office, Zero1.

MOH revealed that on 13 Sep 2020 at 1.05pm to 2.40pm, the Zero1 office at Trivex (8 Burn Road) at Tai Seng was visited by a Covid-19 case.

Here is the full list for your reference:

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Imge: MOH

Image: MOH


If you went through the list and realise that you’ve been there around the same time period, don’t panic.

Just monitor your health for the next 14 days and make sure to see a doctor at the slightest sign of something wrong.

Don’t avoid these places too since the National Environment Agency (NEA) would’ve gotten in touch with the location’s management to do a thorough cleaning of the area.

Overall Singapore Covid-19 Situation

As of 20 Sep 2020, there are 30 confirmed cases still in the hospital and another 338 being cared for at Community Care Facilities (CCFs).

39 Covid-19 patients have been discharged, bringing the total number of recoveries from Covid-19 to 57,181.


May I also add that this is the fifth day in a row where the number of discharged Covid-19 patients is more than new Covid-19 cases?

  • 15 Sep: 82 discharged / 34 new cases
  • 16 Sep: 71 discharged / 27 new cases
  • 17 Sep: 84 discharged / 18 new cases
  • 18 Sep: 31 discharged / 11 new cases
  • 19 Sep: 71 discharged / 15 new cases
  • 20 Sep: 39 discharged / 18 new cases

Image: Giphy

The number of new community cases reported daily remains stable at one per day over the past two weeks while the number of unlinked cases in the community also remains stable at less than one.

In other words, we’re doing really well so far, so much so that the UK has deemed us safe enough that our people don’t have to quarantine when travelling into the country.

Nonetheless, as the trend of asymptomatic cases has shown, it’s important that everyone wears a mask properly when outside so as to keep the risk of transmission down.


Like the police always says, low crime doesn’t mean no crime.

Low Covid-19 cases doesn’t mean no Covid-19.

Don’t be like that man who punched a bus driver repeatedly because he didn’t like being told to wear a mask properly.