COVID-19 S’porean Patient Describes His Experience; Says a Nurse Has a Pregnant Wife Waiting for Him at Home


By now, you should know that the Grace Assembly of God Church is the largest COVID-19 cluster in Singapore—as of yesterday, it’s reported that 21 cases are linked to the Church.

That’s about 1/4 of all confirmed cases in Singapore.

One of the patients, codenamed Case 48, was announced last Wednesday (12 February 2020).

According to MOH, the 34-year-old worked in the Church . He had been to three different GPs and a medical clinic after he had his symptoms, and was tested positive on 11 February 2020.

The man revealed his experience in Christian site Salt & Light, and let’s just say it’s not just enlightening but extremely inspiring, too.

Story of Case 48

According to the man, he was at some place (most likely home) when he got a call from MOH, telling him that he was tested positive. He was told to get ready to be isolated at NCID within an hour, as a special ambulance took him to a “fairly large isolation room”.

It wasn’t like prison; the room had two glass doors. The man was attached with a tracker to monitor his movements as well.

In other words, people cannot anyhowly run out to infect others.

MOH has always made sure that they do not reveal the identity of all patients.

For some reason, Case 48’s information was “made known publicly”, and information published about him is apparently “inaccurate”.

Of course, it’s unknown whether Case 48 is the senior pastor who has openly disclosed his identity to the public.

On most days, he had to conduct tests. He didn’t mention if treatment was given to him; instead, he spent his days praying.

A few days later, after two tests that tested negative for the virus, the doctor walked into the room without protective gear and congratulated him, and he was free to go.

But you’re not here to read about him.

You’re here to read about…

Story of People Around case 48

During his stay there, Case 48 had the chance to interact with the frontline warriors.


According to him, they work round the clock, their leave has been frozen. Some of them are separated from their families.

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While I can’t confirm, a nurse who called in to YES 933 also mentioned that a number of her nurse friends are redeployed to NCID temporarily to fight this battle.

Case 48 has a wise sentence: “Let them not be forgotten, under-appreciated or treated like the plague.”

And here’s the story that you should share with everyone in Singapore:

Apparently, Case 48 had told one of the nurses that he wanted to go home and not to be isolated there.


The nurse told Case 48 that he, too, wanted to go home with his family, but he, too, was stuck there. He has a young child and a pregnant wife waiting for him at home.

I’m pretty sure there are many others in white experiencing the same thing.

So if Case 48’s recovery story has not inspired you, then let this nurse’s personal story remind you that you should not kick a nurse out of a bus or wonder aloud why they’ve having their meals in a foodcourt.

These nurses aren’t just humans fighting the virus; they’re humans with family fighting the virus.

Be kind lah.