Scaredy-Cats Shouldn’t Read About This Creepy Hougang Doll That Moved By Itself


Last Updated on 2022-09-30 , 1:13 pm

In 2014, something scary happened that caused a hoo-ha among Singaporeans, and as of now, it’s still an unsolved mystery.

If you live in Singapore and have a weak heart, I highly suggest that you click away now.

Somewhere around June 2014, a disturbing image of a creepy-looking doll emerged on the Internet.

The doll was found somewhere around Hougang, under a tree at various locations. Here’s what it looks like.


According to what was mentioned, the doll was initially blindfolded “for a reason”. As you can view from the Twitter post, the person said that “stupid people unbind it. It looks unhappy, good luck to whoever did it,” seemingly suggesting that something would happen to whoever has taken off the blindfold.

Netizens have said on Reddit that the doll was abandoned at the roadside blindfolded because if anyone takes the blindfold away, the doll would follow the culprit home.

According to some netizens, they’ve seen the doll in different locations, all under different trees. Some have even claimed that it moves by itself and speaks at night.

Spooky, indeed.

What’s even more spooky is that since the report was out in Stomp, the doll has disappeared altogether.

Up until today, no one knows where it is—or whose house it’s now living in.

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