Man Who Died in CTE Crash in a Convertible Was Allegedly a Property Agent & Boss of 30 Companies


Covered in our post 3 days ago, a 32-year-old man was found dead following a car accident on the CTE towards SLE along the Jalan Bahagia exit.

His black convertible appeared to have crashed after skidding off the road and the driver was sent flying into the drain as a result. He was suspected to have not been wearing a seatbelt.

The SCDF used a ladder to access the drain, where they pronounced the man dead at the scene.

Soon-to-be-Married Property Agent & Boss of 30 Companies

After investigations, the man was revealed to be Aloysius Chin, a property agent with 30 companies under his name.

He was also happily attached with a girlfriend and was allegedly going to marry her at the end of the year.

The accident was also reported to have occurred when he was driving home from his girlfriend’s house.

In an article by 8world, an ex-colleague said that Aloysius Chin was a cheerful, hardworking man who took good care of his workers.


She also recalled how he was always cool-headed in times of crisis and was a kind boss, and had always acknowledged the efforts of workers.

She then also added he was a good man and was “nothing like what the keyboard warriors described”.

“Show some respect to his family.”

In a video circulating on Facebook, several keyboard warriors had less-than-pleasant things to say about this case.

Image: Facebook

Lesson for you, just be careful and don’t speed next time“, this user said. Wow.

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Also, it appears that people may be making assumptions simply based on the fact that he was driving a BMW.

Image: Facebook

A handful of comments appeared to have assumed that he was speeding and trying to “show off”.

Of course, there were many users who were displeased by the insensitivity of these users, including one user who claimed to have been a friend of the deceased.

Image: Facebook

She said that he was a “good man” and asked people to “refrain from talking any shit” as they knew nothing about him and the accident’s backstory. “Show some respect to his family”, she said.

Let us show some sensitivity to both the deceased and his friends and family instead of making unpleasant assumptions and comments so that they may grieve peacefully.

We express our deepest condolences to Aloysius Chin and his loved ones and may he rest in peace.

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