Cyclist Spotted Jumping Onto Hood of Car at East Coast Road & The Car Drove Forward Regardless

People can be known to do weird and irrational things when they are angry.

We all know the tension that exists between car drivers and cyclists on the road. Both sides want the other side to be more considerate of them when using our public roads.

When that does not happen, conflict sometimes arises. It may be a heated change of words, a physical scuffle or sometimes, a cyclist jumping onto the bonnet of a car.

No, we are not being dramatic.

This is the spectacle that happened earlier this week along East Coast Road.

Cyclist Is Seen Jumping Onto the Bonnet of a Car, Which Then Drives Off

In a video posted on the Facebook account SG Kaypoh 人! (which translates to A Nosy Singapore Person!), an eyebrow-raising situation with a cyclist appears to have occurred outside a row of shophouses.

In the video, the cyclist, who is clad in bright yellow and black cycling gear, is seen jumping onto the bonnet of a black car. The cyclist is also wearing a helmet.

The car appeared to be driving very slowly when the cyclist first hopped onto the car (but on the outside). The video then shows the car speeding up, driving past a traffic junction section.

Image: Facebook (SG Kaypoh 人!)

While this happened, the traffic light was green for the car to move straight ahead.

As the car continues to drive forward, the angle of the video no longer shows whether the cyclist was hanging onto the car. That said, we also did not see from the video that the cyclist got off the car.

Unfortunately, the video ends before we get to find out whether the car stopped to let the cyclist get off the bonnet.

What a cliffhanger.

Based on the video, this confrontation appears to have occurred at a junction near i12 Katong along East Coast Road.

Screaming was Heard 

In the short clip posted on Facebook, a woman could be heard shrieking for help throughout the time the car was moving. The woman shrieking was presumably the cyclist who was clinging on to the car for dear life.

Some screams could be heard in the background though they were largely covered by the multiple exclamations of “oh my god” (which originated from the person who filmed the video, we presume).

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Netizens Had Much to Say About the Situation

In response to this situation, netizens had a whole range of responses. Some sided with the cyclist, while others sided with the driver.

On the side of the driver, one netizen commented that the cyclist may have dared the driver to drive off, which the driver did, in fact, do.

Image: Facebook (SG Kaypoh 人!)

Nothing like some provocation to cause one to lose their rational thinking.

Other netizens said that the cyclist should be charged for doing a rash act.

Image: Facebook (SG Kaypoh 人!)

On the side of the cyclist, some netizens said that the driver should be charged. Most likely because of the dangerous act of driving with a person on their bonnet and endangering that person’s life.

Image: Facebook (SG Kaypoh 人!)

There were also comments saying that the cyclist’s unruly behaviour obstructed traffic and caused unnecessary danger to the cyclist’s own life.

Image: Facebook (Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road)

Other netizens took the opportunity to poke fun at some stereotypes of Caucasians in Singapore. One comment we saw said that this incident reminded them of how this could be an “ang moh” (which literally translates to “red hair”) behaviour.

Image: Facebook (SG Kaypoh 人!)

Yet other netizens said that Singapore appears to have more and more crazy people around. Do be careful when you are driving in Singapore.

Image: Facebook (SG Kaypoh 人!)

There were also more practical opinions expressed by netizens who watched the videos. One said that the driver should have held back a little more instead of acting on impulse because now the driver would most likely lose their license.

Image: Facebook (SG Kaypoh 人!)

The police could have been called in to help de-escalate any rising tensions between the two parties.

Apart from all these keyboard warriors expressing their opinions of who was in the right and who was in the wrong, there was a comment from a netizen (on another Facebook page which shared the video) who claimed to have been at the scene.

The netizen said that he “was there behind” and saw that the cyclist was arguing with the driver about “cutting her during a turn”. From the video, the junction near where the cyclist hopped onto the car looked like it allowed left turns onto a different road.

Image: Facebook (Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road)

Ah, the mystery is solved if this netizen’s comment is actually a true account of what had happened between the cyclist and the driver.

On a more light-hearted note, other netizens also found punny humour in the situation. One comment said that this would be the new “Grab”, alluding to how the cyclist had to hang on to the car for dear life while referencing the popular ride-sharing app in Singapore.

Image: Facebook (Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road)

Though we have to say, we cannot fathom wanting to take a Grab ride hanging on to the exterior of a car.