These Log Cushions from Daiso Look So Real, Hugging a Tree is Now Possible

If you were in the SAF during your 2-year National Service, your sergeant probably would’ve asked you to go kiss a tree before. Well, now, you can not just kiss, but hug a tree to sleep with these tree cushions.

Daiso Selling Tree Cushions For Just $2

First thing first, check these out.

Daiso tree cushion
Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

The folks at Singapore Atrium Sale were walking at the Daiso outlet at Punggol Waterway Point when they came across these tree cushions.

Similar to my fellow writer BuffLord95, these look hard on the outside but are actually big softies.

Daiso darker tree cushion
Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

There are two versions of the tree cushion to cuddle with: the dark one (above) or the lighter version.

Daiso lighter tree cushion
Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

And the best part? It’s Daiso so each cushion is only $2.

Image: Giphy 

Sleeping With Bolsters is Actually Good For You

Now, if most of you are wondering, what else is the bolster good for besides bringing you nightmares about your NSF days, think again.

There are actually some benefits to sleeping with a bolster.

For one, if you love sleeping on your side, hugging a bolster can help you keep the proper posture.

Plus, hugging something to sleep has been proven to have a comforting effect, perfect for Singapore where we’re all too stressed out.

Also, by placing a bolster at strategic places when you sleep can help you get the best sleep ever.

For example, placing the bolster just above the hip when you sleep face up can relieve the pressure on your hipbone.

Meanwhile, placing a bolster between your legs when you sleep on your side can relieve pressure from the leg on the bottom, as well as keeping the spine align.

And if you elevate your legs when you sleep, blood will have an easier time circulating back to your heart, which makes it work less hard.

All of that for just $2? Hell, yeah, count me in!