Confirmed: Daiso VivoCity Is Reopening Its Doors On 15 Jan 2020 & Will Be Below Its Old Spot

When news broke that Daiso at VivoCity would be closing its doors back in 2018, literally everyone was in despair.

It was the go-to place to get cheap emergency beach/picnic items like beach balls or picnic mats when we had those last-minute Sentosa plans with friends.

Daiso’s last day at Vivo City was on 17 February 2018, and Bukit Merah Public Library opened and took its place soon after.

That was it right? We would never see our beloved $2 shop again.

Or would we?

Daiso VivoCity Is Opening Its Doors On 15 Jan 2020

Vivo City shoppers soon realised that there was a shop opening beside Cotton On, just one level below.

Could it be? Is it really?

Yes and yes. Daiso confirmed that they would indeed make a comeback at Vivo City via their website and Instagram page after two whole years.

Image: Gfycat

This is a poster that can be found on their website.

Image: Daiso Singapore

And the confirmation of the outlet’s opening on their Instagram page.

According to MSNews, the new Daiso outlet will be located just below the library on the second floor.

The shop will be relatively large as it will take up two units, #02-41 and #02-42.

An online search shows that the unit of 02-41 used to belong to the candy store Candylicious.

Since the opening is coming up really soon, I’m sure that fans of the $2 store will be excited and ready to shop till they drop.

I personally will be making a trip down to VivoCity to visit the reopening of Daiso. Will you?


A couple of months ago, rumours of Daiso reopening at VivoCity was ‘leaked’ after an advertisement surfaced online looking for prospective staff for the new Daiso outlet.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

Do note that they might no longer be hiring though.