Daredevil E-scooter Cut Into Car’s Lane With Death Wish

Image: Facebook (Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road)

One fine day, I had a conversation with my colleague. We were talking about something else and the word “e-scooter” popped out of my mouth.

He suddenly hulkified. “THEY’RE REALLY TOO MUCH!”

He then went on to rant about e-scooters and e-bikers for twenty minutes, and every passing minute, he became greener. I thought he just disliked e-scooters: it turned out that he HATED them.

Which is understandable, considering the hazards they’ve posed to us so far. Pray tell me, has anyone not have a bad encounter with e-scooter?

And if you think drivers have it easy, since they most likely walk on the pavement less, you’re wrong.

Because of this.

So, a driver is minding his own business, moving forward and ta-da: an e-scooter just cut from his left and disappear to the right.

Even a car won’t do this, so this e-scooter either has a death wish, or the car is invisible.

With the new law, I’d like to think that it’s the latter.

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