Dating Agencies in S’pore Now Asking For Vaccination Status

It seems that the Badge Lady was right all along.

We do need a badge.

Though instead of a badge of recognition or even a badge of honour, what we truly need is…

A badge signalling that we’re fully vaccinated, to get things going again.

After all, there’s only so much we can do with no such badge, considering the recent vaccination-split toilets and now… dating protocols.

Dating Agencies in S’pore Now Asking For Vaccination Status

Wanna get a date? Get vaccinated first.

Or at least, that’s what dating agencies appear to be insinuating nowadays. Though in retrospect, there’s a valid reason why.

Lest you’re unaware, the pandemic has also affected dating agencies.

Without the possibility of physical dates, they have had to shift their services online. Not the best route to get to first base, if you get what I mean.

Nevertheless, agencies such as Kopi Date took it into their stride. In fact, the dating company even improvised, arranging for beverages to be delivered to participants’ homes.

An “experience kit” that contains interesting info about the participants, as well as ice-breaker questions, also served as part of the… well, experience.

Yet despite the intuitive idea, Kopi Date still looks forward to organising physical meet-ups.

And now that restrictions have been largely eased (or at least for now), they can once again explore that notion.

But there’s just one thing; vaccination status.

After all, certain restrictions still remain in place. One of them dictates that only fully vaccinated people, or those who have tested negative for Covid-19, can partake in a meal at restaurants.

Now I don’t know about you, but getting jabbed in the nose right before every date does not sound like an exact turn-on.

As such, dating agencies such as Kopi Date, GaiGai and Lunch Actually have all embarked upon a journey to ask for one’s vaccination status. Apart from complying with government requirements, such a move would also appease the dating parties.

Yet, it’s not all bad for unvaccinated personnel. In a recent survey done by Lunch Actually, it was revealed that 74 per cent of singles are still open to meeting unvaccinated individuals.

This reportedly stems from the fact that some are not able to get vaccinated due to legitimate reasons, such as allergies and such.

What About Dating Apps?

While dating agencies rely on physical meet-ups, dating apps are more responsible for the initial phase: the virtual chat experience.

So the question begets; how are they adjusting to life in the vaccination circle?

Well, some apps have included features that permit users to indicate their vaccination status.

It should be noted, however, that apps such as Bumble and Tinder are entirely dependent on your own honesty.

The self-professed vaccine statuses have not been verified by the apps themselves.

Meanwhile, dating app Paktor intends to release a “vaccination indicator” in the fourth quarter of this year.

Admitting that there will likely be no verification capability at the start, they did, however, profess that they will work towards it in the future.


While unvaccinated individuals are still able to live on a somewhat normal basis, it’s undeniable that their vaccinated counterparts are enjoying certain perks.

Apart from vaccinated-only gifts and promotions, courtesy of shops and establishments alike, vaccinated individuals are also able to dine-in at restaurants without having to get jabbed in the nose beforehand.

So despite everything, one can’t help but surmise that in the near future, vaccination statuses may be of the utmost importance.

This would also beget the question; what, then, happens to those who can’t get vaccinated?

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