NUSS Scraps Segregation of Toilets for Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Users


Lest you’re unaware, the government has decreed separate designations for vaccinated and unvaccinated users.

Vaccinated residents, for instance, will be permitted to dine in at restaurants, and can do so in groups of up to five.

And no smoking your way out either, as diners will have to provide proof of their vaccination status before they’re allowed to dine-in at a restaurant.

So in a sense, you can certainly sense a feeling of entitlement that comes with the vaccinated.

Though of course, food delivery services are all the rage right now so individuals would hardly have any cause for concern…

NUSS Initially Separates Toilets for Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Users

Or is it really?

Apparently, the National University of Singapore (NUS) has emerged in the news once again, though it’s for a slightly more rational reason this time.

Just recently, the National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) unveiled a groundbreaking revelation:

They will be segregating toilets over in the sports facilities according to… you guessed it;

Vaccinated and unvaccinated statuses.

Suffice to say; the news caused quite a stir, with some wondering whether such measures were really required.

After all, social discrimination may be at play here.

You can view the original notice here:


However, NUSS has since clarified their decision, stating that it actually complies with the recent guidelines by Sport Singapore.

In a Facebook post that was uploaded on 11 August 2021, they clarified that their manoeuvre is in accordance with Sports Singapore’s decree on 7 August 2021.


The latter’s direction had stated:

“Enterprises will also have to ensure that vaccinated individuals who participate in such activities do not mix with other users for the entire time they are within the facility (including in common areas such as changing rooms and toilets).”

It should also be noted that unvaccinated people can join in with the rest, but they’ll have to be tested beforehand at an approved medical service.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated users should also carry differently-coloured wrist tags or passes.

As such, the decree has led to NUSS complying where its sports facilities are concerned, though its other locations remain untouched.


You can view the full Facebook post down below:

NUSS Scraps Segregation of Toilets for Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Users

The NUSS has since changed its stance on things and has removed prior notices that served to segregate users.

This comes after Sport Singapore’s own clarification, which stated that it was not mandatory for vaccinated and non-vaccinated personnel to be differentiated within its sports complex.


However, to ensure a safe environment, the government has indeed laid down other rules that segregate vaccinated and unvaccinated personnel.


From 10 August 2021, event sizes may increase to 500 attendees if all are fully vaccinated. Otherwise, only up to 50 attendees will be allowed without pre-event testing (PET).

Unmasking and singing or playing of wind instruments at live performances for vaccinated performers may resume, subject to updated safe management measures.

Meanwhile, marriage solemnizations in external venues (i.e. not in a place of residence or in the Registry of Marriages/Registry of Muslim Marriages building) may take place with up to 500 persons (including the wedding couple but excluding solemnizers and vendors) if all are fully vaccinated. Otherwise, only up to 50 attendees will be allowed without PET.

Wedding receptions will be allowed with up to 250 attendees if all are fully vaccinated, and with groups of up to 5 attendees per table.

For more info, you can read this article here.


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