TikTokers Are Allegedly Stealing Public Property in S’pore for the ‘Devious Lick’ Challenge


TikTok is the source of many viral trends like the vaccination arm swing and NDP (National Day Parade) dance, and most of these trends are harmless and even quite fun.

However, there are certain trends that should not be viral for performing it is illegal.

Yes, I’m talking about the popular Devious Lick trend that requires creators to steal public property.

TikTokers Allegedly Stole Public Property in S’pore for a ‘Devious Lick’ Challenge

Firstly: What’s the Devious Lick trend?

It all started with a stolen box of disposable masks in the United States. TikTok user, jugg4elias claimed to have stolen a box of masks from their school and called it a “devious lick”. That video went viral before it was removed by TikTok.

Since then, users have been swiping soap dispensers, toilet rolls and even a sink.

It’s almost as if they are trying to build a bathroom from scratch.

Although most of these licks were performed overseas, there are still some that occurred in our homeland.

On 15 Sep, a TikTok user allegedly stole a particular police cutout – the yandao policeman.

@asiansalamiz🚨I RETURNED HIM🚨##lick ##fyp ##tiktoksg♬ original sound – j

In the video, the user panned the camera to the back of the lift where the yandao policeman cutout could be seen. On the cutout, there’s even a sign that reads, “police camera in operation”.

Originally, the caption wrote, “Just hit the most devious lick”. After the video gained traction, the caption was edited to, “I RETURNED HIM”.

I guess, tagging the Singapore Police Force in the comments did throw him back in the righteous path.

In another video, the user revealed an allegedly stolen Sin Ming Ave sign when he flipped open his bag.

@thaibasilchickenLTA w that heat 🔥 ##tiktoksg♬ original sound – j

In their caption, they referred to it as the “most devious lick from the street”.

It is unsure if the sign was stolen, bought or gifted.

Another Tiktoker boasted on his platform about his collection of “devious licks”. His collection includes safety signage and equipment. He also included this sentence in his post, “All items were either gifted or found on the floor.”


Their video has since been removed.

Stealing in Singapore is Illegal

In case you are unaware, stealing is an offence in Singapore. Those that are found guilty may be liable to a fine or get thrown behind bars for up to three years. You may also be fined and thrown behind bars.

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Featured Image: TikTok (thaibasilchicken ; asiansalamiz)