DHL Man Who Piggybacked Elderly Identified & Has Been Praised By His Employer

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Not all heroes wear capes – some of them wear DHL uniforms.

Hmm? A deliveryman?

We’ve heard a lot of shocking stories about deliverymen in the past few months alone, from one issuing collection slips because he was lazy to another just dumping mail in the trash. That would make anyone sceptical about delivery services in Singapore.

Like, you have one job – to deliver.

This one DHL courier, however, went the extra mile and really delivered, and not just his parcels.

Super DHL Man

40-year-old DHL courier Anson Chung was on his way to a delivery address when he noticed an old man.

He seemed to be struggling to cross the street when the light had already turned green and the cars had all stopped for him.

Anson, being the kind soul that he was, wanted to help the old man get across safely. He then decided to stop his van at a safe place at the side of the road and got off to assist the old man, who had walking difficulties and was using a walking aid.

Seeing that the old man still had problems walking forward even with his walking aid, Anson then offered to piggyback the man and did so while carrying both him and his walking aid to the other side of the road.

You can also say that he delivered the old man to the other side.


The old man had thanked him and Anson made sure that the man was able to stabilise himself on his walking aid before he went back to his van.

Man Goes Viral Online

Image: Stomp

The heartwarming video was shared on Stomp by H. Leonardi, who witnessed the whole incident. Aww, seeing this makes me feel so warm inside!

“I just wanted to help him cross the road safely so he could get home safely. That’s all that crossed my mind,” Anson said, unaware that he was being filmed in the first place. “I am only doing what is right, so I didn’t expect it to go viral.”

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There’s always a way for good deeds to come to light, and thankfully so. Well done, Anson!


Praised By Employers

At an iftar event for the staff at DHL Express Singapore’s service centre, Anson, who has worked with them for 15 years, was rightfully praised by his employers for his good deed.

Image: DHL Singapore

DHL Express Singapore’s managing director, Christopher Ong, sang high praise of Anson, saying that DHL was proud to have Anson as one of their staff and that he was a role model to all employees.

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The full statement was also posted on Facebook.

Image: Facebook/DHL Singapore


Good Job!

I’m happy to know that there are people out there who are truly kindhearted and go above and beyond their duties to do good deeds when other people are in need.


Good people will definitely get good returns.

Perhaps more SingPost deliverymen should also take a leaf out of Anson’s books, or at the very least, just deliver la.