Former Director in Stat Board Jailed for Molesting Subordinate After Telling Her He Had Extended His Contract


It’s the last thing any woman would want to happen to her: Getting molested.

But that’s exactly what happened to this 55-year-old lady who had just got her employment contract extended. I know, fantastic news for anyone, right?

And then the man, who was a 67-year-old director (now former) for a statutory board decided it was completely alright to hug her so tight, that her chest was squeezed tightly against his.

This happened back in June 2016, by the way. The guy’s been sentenced to a six-week jail term.

As expected, his lawyers are going to try and fight this with an appeal for his sentencing and conviction.

Another news flash ya – he’s actually been acquitted of 5 other charges, this time involving another 43-year-old woman who was his colleague.

In this case, he was said to not only have hugged the woman tightly, but to have also squeezed her butt and pressed his groin (eww) at her shoulder.

These are the reasons for the acquittal of the previous case:

  • His guiltiness could not be established and proven beyond reasonable doubt
  • No independent witnesses
  • The victim gave the police inconsistent statements. She was also not able to give adequate explanations for the statements

So, what’s the latest case that led him to be imprisoned?

Former Director in Stat Board Jailed for Molesting Subordinate After Telling Her He Had Extended His Contract

The former director had molested the victim in their office. After telling her that he had extended his employment contract, he, for some reason, decided to hug the woman so tightly that her chest pressed against his body.

How did the sexual abuse affect the victim? Well, her testimony indicates that she was very, very fearful of the former director. He even started being super harsh with her after he pulled the tight hug on her.

She did not want to tell anyone at first, as she felt that she’d not only lose her job, but that nobody would take her word as good.

The tight hug for the charge is considered to be on the low end of sexual exploitation, seeing that there was no actual skin-on-skin contact and that it took place for a short number of seconds.

The prosecution actually wanted the guy to be sent to jail for a total of 9 months. The judge ruled that the offending act required a jail term, but not as substantial as what the prosecution was asking for.

As the man is over 50 years old, he cannot be caned.

If you ever come across someone who has been sexually abused and has no place to go, give a shoutout to the Sexual Assault Care Centre. Help can be provided by WhatsApp, email, a phone call or even at one of their drop-in centres.


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