Samsung Rumoured to Discontiune the Popular Note Series & to Focus on Their Foldable Phone


Planning to upgrade your phone to a new Samsung Note next year?

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider that decision.

May Be Discontinued

It was reported that the tech giant might be discontinuing the Galaxy Note series of phones next year, a premium phone in their collection. Multiple sources said that this move comes with the drop in demand for expensive smartphones due to Covid-19.

Yes, Covid-19. Again.

Three sources alleged that Samsung currently does not have plans to release a new Galaxy Note next year.

Another source stated that the company will focus on developing its new range of foldable phones, instead of the Galaxy Note.

Futuristic Phones 

Currently, the Galaxy Note is one of the two premium phones Samsung offers. It is known for its huge screen and note-taking abilities with its stylus, which has become so high-tech that it works like Harry Potter’s magical wand. Meanwhile, the other premium phone is the Galaxy S, a smaller and more compact model.

So, would the stylus be gone forever?

Maybe not.

According to one of the sources, the most popular model in the Galaxy S series, the S21, will be upgraded to have a stylus. Additionally, a new version of Samsung’s foldable phone will also be compatible with a stylus. However, it will be sold separately.

An analyst at a research firm said that sales for Galaxy Note phones are expected to drop this year. The projected number would be 8 million, a fifth of its usual sales.

Sales for the S series are also likely to drop to less than 30 million, a sharp decrease of 5 million of its usual sales.

He also says that the demand for premium phones have decreased and consumers are not looking for anything new.

Downfall of the Galaxy Note

First announced in 2011, this line of phones was the first to offer styluses. Compared to its competitors, the Galaxy Note offered a much larger screen – so large, it’s considered a phablet instead of a phone.

Back then, it also sold 1 million units in two months, and that was a huge feat for the tech giant.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for its 2020 release.


The Galaxy Note 20 was launched in August, costing US$999. According to a report from Counterpoint research, it had already declined in sales by September. In the first week of September, the Galaxy Note 20 had ranked eighth in sales while the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ranked fourth.

In the top rank was Apple’s iPhone 11.

Sales for the Galaxy Note 20 were also lower than expected, allegedly manufacturing 600,000 units compared to the 900,000 they had hoped for in October. The production rate for the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was one to two.

In fact, the production rate for the Galaxy Note 20 was worst for the Galaxy Note 20.

According to The Elec, the South Korean company is preparing to produce the Galaxy S21 series this month. They are also planning to release a cheaper foldable phone next year.


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