Do you wear the weirdest socks ever? If so, you’re…


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When you see people in intentionally mismatched outfits, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Crazy? Attention seeking? Perhaps. How about those who purposely put on weird ass socks? Are they trying to cover up something? Maybe. But will you believe it if I told you that these people may be the…

Exceptionally creative!
Have you ever been in a creative environment and seen the way the people who work there dress? Usually there would be an ensemble of colours and a very unqiue way of putting clothes together and making them work somehow. Same goes for funny socks. Deep down inside, you hav an inert sense of intense creativity that gets unleashed when the right time comes around.

Smart! But in an eccentric sort of way.
A little mad, a little trippy, but holds a good deal of intelligence, in an eccentric way. If you ever see someone wearing funny socks, try talking to them. You may be amazed at what you hear and what you might learn from the conversation. But I’m not guaranteeing that the things that person says will make alot of sense or will be very relevant to our real life. Food for thought maybe. That person might give you a slice of reality in our unreality.

An interesting conversationalist
Obviously. When you are confident enough to wear weird socks and still be fine with it, it makes for great conversation. How the conversation will steer though, well that’s another thing altogether. You will probably still give those around you a really good time anyway!

A very colourful personality
Indeed! With weird socks comes a personality to match. You are definitely not one dimensional and it shines through with your confidence in your outlook. You are a hoot to be around with and I’m not saying you are an owl.

A radical trendsetter
You don’t believe in conforming. Nosireee! You lead and others follow because you were daring enough to be different in the first place. Wasn’t that the reason you starting wearing funny socks in the first place?


Some people may flock to you. Others may shun you. But you know what? You don’t really care as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror everyday, look down at your pair of socks and think “I look awesome today!”. Love me or hate me, I’m still me.

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