Doctor Who Previously Answered Covid-19 FAQs Back Again, Asks S’poreans To Use Common Sense

Unfortunately, common sense isn’t so common.

For example, with the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, you’d expect people to avoid crowded places and stay at home, but they’re rushing to supermarkets and buying unhealthy amounts of toilet paper instead.

That’s because we’re panicking. And when we panic, our brain is not capable of rationality.

Thankfully, we have a voice of reason to quell all our fears and answer all our questions.

Doctor Who Previously Answered Covid-19 FAQs Back Again, Asks S’poreans To Use Common Sense

If you read Goody Feed regularly, you might be familiar with this man:

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Yes, this is Dr Leong Hoe Nam, an infectious disease specialist. Dr Leong previously answered frequently-asked questions about Covid-19 in one of our previous articles.

Well, he’s back to answer more. Here are some of the questions he was asked:

Healthy practices

Can you catch Covid-19 from a healthcare worker’s clothes?

As you know, some people have shunned healthcare workers in public. But as Dr Leong points out, these workers are trained professionals gowned up with protective equipment. So, whatever they wear underneath the protective layers would be clean.

Can you contract Covid-19 while at a hospital?

Many of us have probably cancelled medical appointments in fear that we’d contract the coronavirus. But the chances of picking up Covid-19 at the hospital is low, says Dr Leong. So just go for your appointment and leave quickly after.

Can we doctor-hop?

Doctor Leong says that we shouldn’t doctor hop because the doctor may not “appreciate the gravity” of your case if you have been infected. Moreover, they wouldn’t be aware of the changes in you as the disease progresses. So, in a word, NO.

What can we learn from this outbreak?

As a wise man with curly hair and a mole once said: USE YOUR BRAIN, USE YOUR BRAIN!

Dr Leong asked Singaporeans to use common sense. No matter what the virus is; don’t share things like utensils and toothbrushes. And when you do cough, the virus may still be inside the tissue having a party, so roll it up and discard it into a bin.

Some extra tips

Just like a newborn baby with a parent, your phone goes everywhere with you. So make sure you clean it three times a day with an alcohol wipe. You should also avoid shaking hands, even if your boss just gave you a promotion and you want to give him a kiss.

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Parental advice

Should your child avoid extracurricular activities or parties?

As long as there are precautionary measures like temperature-taking and checks for respiratory symptoms, then it should be safe; the chances of getting the virus are low.

As for playgrounds and birthday parties; it up to the individual. The organiser of the event will need to check with the individual children if they are well. And of course, parents should only bring their kids to these places if they are well.

Can you contract COVID-19 from swimming?

Thankfully, no. Contact with water would kill the virus. Adequately chlorinated water in pools is known to kill most respiratory viruses, so go ahead with your swim.

What are some precautions schools have in place?

In addition to temperature taking, schools have cancelled assemblies and outdoor activities. Thus, the child is only exposed to his classmates.

Will this ever end?

How does Covid-19 compare to SARS and H1N1?

Covid-19 is like a mix of SARS and H1N1.

In SARS, there were many transmissions and about 15 per cent died.

For H1N1, it was very rapid transmissions, but the number of deaths was much lower.

The Covid-19 virus is more contagious than H1N1, but has a lower rate of deaths than SARS.

Will the warm weather help?

This may be the only time in a Singaporean’s life that they want it to be hot.

As Dr Leong says, studies of the SARS disease shows that viruses do not like hot weather and humidity.

As the months get warmer and more humid, the survival of the virus will be poorer, resulting in poorer transmission.

Will shutting off the aircon and opening the windows help?

Not only will this save the environment, but it will also reduce your risk of infection. “The humidity and warmer air will protect you against the virus”, Dr Leong said.

So, there you have it. A little common sense and caution are all we need to combat this disease. We may panic at times, but thankfully, we have people like Dr Leong to help us along the way.