Fresh Grad & Certified Yoga Instructor Started S’pore’s First Dog Yoga School While Still in NUS


Yoga is a practice that is growing in popularity every day.

If you haven’t tried it – it’s relaxing, therapeutic, and it helps to improve health, increase flexibility, and most importantly – improve your mental health since it’s almost like meditation.

Yoga enthusiasts have been endeavouring to find new ways to introduce yoga to the public, such as combining it with other elements like high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Now, there’s a new one.

Doggo Yoga

Founded by 23-year-old NUS graduate Xian Jieying while she was still in school, Puppy Yoga Singapore introduces yoga classes where you get to be accompanied by puppies.

With a love for both yoga and dogs, she sought to pursue her passion instead of seeking a regular stable full-time job after receiving inspiration from yoga programmes in London where participants are accompanied by various animals.

She had been practising yoga for 3 years, but has only started being an instructor in 2020.

Due to her belief that most young Singaporeans adore puppies, she believes that this is a yoga programme that will be highly popular.

Well, she’s definitely right. I’m all ready to sign up (for the puppies).

Double the Therapy

As mentioned earlier, many enjoy yoga for its relaxing and therapeutic elements.

For dog lovers, being surrounded by puppies can only mean double the therapy.

Getting the chance to relax and stretch while having the opportunity to bond and socialise with puppies just sounds like an absolute heaven.

And yes, you can definitely bring your own dog, but there are certain criteria that must be fulfilled.

Dogs attending must be:

  • Small (height of 40 cm (at their shoulders) and weight of 10 kg and below)
  • Non-aggressive, friendly
  • Vaccinated
  • Potty-trained
  • Clean and healthy

This is of course to protect other participants and dogs and ensure the smoothness of the yoga class.


Each class contains up to 8-10 participants and the yoga section lasts for 35 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes of pure playtime with the adorable doggos.


Jieying also regularly donates a portion of her profits to animal shelters as a way to contribute to society and provide aid for dogs who lack a proper home as many of the puppies in her class do.

Isn’t that just wholesome?

If you’re all sold and wish to book a class, you can do so here.

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