Domestic Worker Accused of Throwing Family’s Dog Out of the Window After Owners Found Evidence in Her Phone


So, I wrote an article a couple of weeks back about a couple who euthanised a dog after adoption without any attempt to rehabilitate or rehome it.

If you read it, you and I would think that they would be the winners of Worst Dog Owner 2020.

Well, we would be wrong.

What’s worse than putting down a dog without any attempt to save it? Well, throwing it out of a three-storey window and feigning innocence.

This perpetrator wasn’t even the owner of the dog, which probably makes things so much worse.

Poodle “Found” Gravely Injured By Domestic Helper

The 11-year-old poodle, Dou Dou, was found lying in the front yard of the three-storey landed property with blood oozing from its mouth by the 28-year-old Indonesian domestic helper, who immediately informed the owners, who were a couple from Hong Kong, known as Mr Xu and Ms Sha.

Mr Xu said that he was working at home while Ms Sha was resting at the time when the domestic helper alerted them to a motionless and bloodied Dou Dou.

Image: Zaobao

After being rushed to the vet, Dou Dou was found to have sustained injuries to severe that its spine was nearly broken and that it would be paralysed for the rest of its life.

The vet then recommended it be euthanised to end its suffering, to which the couple reluctantly agreed to after some persuasion.

Dou Dou then spent its final moments in its heartbroken owners’ embrace.

According to Zaobao, they had taken Dou Dou with them for 11 years everywhere they went, from Hong Kong to South Korea and finally to Singapore.

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Domestic Helper Arrested After Evidence Allegedly Discovered

According to the vet, Dou Dou’s injuries were only possible if it was struck by a car, beaten up by humans, or had fallen from a great height.

The owners then immediately suspected the domestic helper of being a possible culprit, but she had denied it.

A few days later, after a heated argument between the couple and the domestic helper over the caring of their children, the police were called in.

During their investigation, the police allegedly discovered evidence on the domestic helper’s mobile, pointing to her as the one who threw Dou Dou out of the window and to its death.

She was subsequently placed under arrest.

Our condolences to the couple and may Dou Dou rest in peace.

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