Don Don Donki To Open Their First Outlet In The West Soon

Anyone who has been to Don Don Donki will be familiar with the ‘theme song’ that plays over and over again in a seemingly endless loop.

Don, don, don, donki, don, don, donki. Is it playing in your head now?

If you’re not familiar with this jingle, check out this youtube video:

All that aside, Westies will be overjoyed to know that soon, they’ll no longer have to travel all the way to town just to visit this Japanese discount chain.

Yes, you’ll be able to smell the sweet smell of Japanese sweet potatoes from your neighbourhood.

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Recruitment Of New Staff For West Outlet

Don Don Donki has recently begun recruiting staff for their new outlet opening in the West.

This includes anything from cashiers to kitchen crew and butchers. According to Business Times, 2 outlets in Jurong East have been planned, the first by December 2019 and the second by January 2020.

Disclaimer: The exact locations and opening dates remain tentative and have yet to be officially revealed though, so please don’t camp at Jurong East.

Rapid Expansion Of Don Don Donki Chain In Singapore 

You must be wondering, wait – they keep opening so many stores. Aren’t rentals pricey? Are they really doing that well? Well, the answer is no and yes.

Image: Don Don Donki Singapore Facebook

To give you some background, there are currently 6 Donki stores in Singapore. The first outlet opened in Orchard Central’s basement and, according to Business Times, landlords actually offer lower rents to Donki because the shop is able to attract crowds to otherwise quieter parts of the shopping malls.

Just think about the long queue Donki attracts for their sweet potatoes and you’ll know what I mean.

Donki’s founder and chairman, Takao Yasuda told the Business Times, “We can’t say how cheap rents are, but we receive quite reasonable price offers.”

These reasonable offers were what actually led to the opening of the very first store in Singapore. Soon, other landlords began contacting Donki.

So yes, it’s reasonably safe to assume that we’ll be seeing more Donki outlets crop up all over Singapore in the near future.

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What Makes Don Don Donki So Attractive?

Then comes the question, what exactly draws the crowd?

Well, for starters cheap groceries and baked sweet potatoes that are to die for. Other than that, some outlets like the Don Don Donki at Clarke Quay even has a food court selling all kinds of quirky food items like Boba Pancakes and Beef Bowls.

Visiting Donki is an experience in itself – one could easily spend half the day here just browsing the massive store filled with Japanese products, and then grabbing a bite after.

So Westies, prepare yourself for your very own Don Don Donki in your neighbourhood!

Image: Giphy
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