Don Don Donki’s 7th Outlet At JCube To Replace Kopitiam & FairPrice Finest

Here are some things you don’t notice until I mention to you, and you won’t stop thinking about them later on.

Breathing. You usually breathe with a rhythm, but the brain takes that away so you can concentrate on doing other things. Thanks to me, you are now breathing manually.

Another one is your nose. It’s always in front of your eyes, but your brain takes that away from your vision so you can enjoy your unobstructed view. Thanks to me, you now notice part of your nose in your vision.

The last one is Don Don Donki music. Spend enough time, and Don Don Donki becomes like breathing. Your brain automatically erases the music so you can concentrate on buying Japanese products you didn’t know you need until you visited Donki.

Now you may be asking:

Image: Giphy

What have you done to me and why are you doing this you monster?!

It’s a lesson, my young one… Because you’ll need this knowledge as Don Don Donki expands to 10 stores by 2020.

Better to get acclimatised to the song sooner so your subconscious erases Don Don Don Don Donki~ Don Don, Donki~ as soon as you enter the store.

So anyway.

7th Don Don Donki outlet, 1st in the West, at JCube basement 1

If you’ve been reading our articles, then you might have been guessing where the new outlet will be. Or maybe you happened to receive one of these recruitment flyers. It’s JCube.

Image: 8Days

According to 8days, the FairPrice Finest and Kopitiam are now boarded up. Upon checking with JCube concierge, it’s revealed Don Don Donki will be taking over both units.

Image: 8Days

That, for your info, is pretty bigly.

As for when exactly, the concierge says November or December, but unconfirmed.

So it’s still a while to go.

JCube giving Don Don Donki gift set (worth S$70) and 50,000 STAR$ to 5 winners

Who’s that Pokemon? Penguin-like shape? That’s the game JCube is playing in a Facebook post asking people to guess the following figure:

Image: JCube

Of course, they want you to think that is Don Don Donki because right on the post, they also said that they will be giving away Don Don Donki gift set (worth S$70) and 50,000 STAR$ to 5 winners.

The contest ends at 11.59 p.m., 17 Sep 2019.

All you need to do is like JCube’s Facebook page and follow them on Instagram, then tell them the store that the gif shows.

Well, I don’t know about you, but that gif looks like Don Don Donki, which is a penguin with a hat. I’m not saying it’s not possible that it is Don Don Donki that will be the next store opening, especially considering this article title and the fact that they are giving away Don Don Donki gift set.

But given the evidence that it is a penguin with a hat, there isn’t sufficient evidence to dispute that this might, in fact, be in fact a Club Penguin avatar wearing a Christmas hat while also having a “D” cosmetic across the belly. The stall is a physical revival of the discontinued game.

RIP, Club Penguin / Image: Fanpop

Or, it could be Don Don Donki. I don’t know, JCube, your guessing game is too difficult.

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