Don Don Donki’s First Outlet In West S’pore Will Open At JCube On 29 Nov

When I received this topic, I started covering my ears and eyes for fear of the 4th Don.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about: god bless you, and I hope you don’t ever get into Donki addiction.

Those with Donki fever know what I’m talking about. First, you go to Don Don Donki expecting it to just be any other Japanese supermarket.

You then realise you’ve walked the whole store and came out with S$300 worth of Japanese snacks, fruits, Wagyu beef, random Japanese contraption that seems useful, and some kind of mask you’ll wear once and forget later.

Without knowing it, you’re back the next day queueing for the sweet potato, and you’ve decided that you’ll just buy lunch and dinner every single day until you’ve eaten everything at the store.

And then the 4th Donki drops and you regret everything.

It’s the music.

Don Don Donki doesn’t start the music. But Don Don Don Don Donki~ will trigger your mind to only think about the music for the next 2 hours.

Image: Onsizzle

But really, there’s no escape. Cause Donki’s also opening in the West. (but if you’ve been following us then you probably already know this.)

New Outlet At JCube

Just a few days ago, Don Don Don Don~— okay, I’ll stop. Donki posted a Facebook photo with an ice-skating rink in the background, asking people to guess where their new outlet will be in the West.

Image: Facebook (Don Don Donki Singapore)

Unless this means that Donki plans to build an ice-skating rink, there couldn’t be anywhere else.

Donki Confirmed At Jcube, To Replace Fairprice Finest and Kopitiam

We could only speculate where the previous outlets will be but now, we finally know their exact location will be at #B1-12/18/19 in JCube.
And you know what this means: it’s going to be huuuuuuuuuuge.

Image: Giphy

Brace Yourselves, My To-Be-Donki-Fever-Sufferers In The West

Remember to bring your airpods, or whatever brand of bluetooth earphones you have.

May you never have to know the terror of the 4th Don.

Don Don Don *Don* Donki~

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