If You Miss Out On This Amazing Sale Taking Place Only Tomorrow, You Are Going To Regret For Life

Last Updated on 2016-09-09 , 4:13 pm

The Internet has given us primarily two best things: the first are cat videos that convince us once again that the world is full of cuteness and the second is online shopping that has slashed the prices of things we want by more than 50%.

Or, well, even 90%.

Because let’s face it: the empty shops in Orchard Road are caused primarily by people like us who like to say this: “Buying air fryer? Let’s go Orchard see the brand and then go online to buy it!” And we don’t feel guilty because why should we?

The Great Singapore Sale is over, and Black Friday is still about three months ago. The next craziest sale that we’re aware of is the Shopee 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day, set to be on 9 September 2016. How crazy?

This crazy.
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The original price of a SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser is at $69.90, and the sale price is at $9.90. The original price of a pair of Superga sneakers is at $59.90, and the sale price is at $29.90. The original price of a Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick is at $32.90, but the sale price is at $9.90.


My math teacher will have proudly told me that the discount is almost up to 86% off. And my math teacher will have spent her pay on that facial cleanser.


And if you’re looking for a new phone, a Xiaomi Mi Max 16GB is originally at $259.00, but the sale price is at $199.90. I don’t know about you, but I’ll most likely be going for this even if I don’t need a new phone (hey, we all need a spare phone for our ICT, right?).

The promotion is time-based, so the discounted items will only be available on certain timing (all on the ninth minute of an hour). If you’ve set your office clock faster so that you can knock off earlier, it’s time to revert it.

Here’s a list that we know of; if there’s more, do inform us because sharing is caring, right?

Download the Shopee app from the App Store or Google Play now and camp for the crazy deals this Friday! And for the boyfriends or husbands those who doesn’t want to buy anything but just join in a lucky draw, you’re in luck too: simply join the 9 Days of Giveaway on their Shopee Official Account here to win something nice.

This article is written in collaboration with Shopee, a mobile marketplace designed for both buyers and sellers to enjoy safe and smooth transactions. For more information, you can also check out their  Shopee 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day microsite here.

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