Don’t Say Bojio: 1-for-1 Levi’s Products & Free Wallet / Tee in New Store (Till 1 Jan)

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This, after tasking me to write about trolleys and sleep for two weeks in a row.

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1 For 1 at Levi’s New Store @ Marina Square

Santa-Levi’s-Strauss-Claus shared a Facebook post on 18th December to bring us Good News during the monumentally significant Christmas period.


Now, I ain’t preaching or what, but I mean, don’t you want a pair or good jeans or two?

Especially if you only have to pay for one to get two?

Levi’s will be holding a special store-opening at its spanking-new Marina Square outlet which includes the following unbelievably-divine promotions:

  1. Buy 1 Get 1 Free Storewide
  2. Get a Free Levi’s® Gift with a minimum spend
    • Free Levi’s® Tee with $190 Nett Spend or
    • Free Levi’s® Wallet with $220 Nett Spend.

More Goodies

But like an advent calendar, Levi’s followed up with yet another post on Christmas eve with more goodies.

If you are a fan of JT (of Britney Spear’s ex boyfriend/Nsync leader fame) or Snoopy, you’ll be delighted to find licensed merchandises of the likes there as well.

I’m bringing sexy’ back

Snoop Dog, no I mean Snoopy

There are also exclusive store opening promotions and customers visiting their Marina Square store can stand to receive vouchers up to $25 off with terms and conditions applied.


BH: Eh you writing about Levi’s sale ar, can share more or not ar? Yesterday I was walking my pet tortoise at East Coast Park, but he ran after a dog and caused me to fall down. Now my jeans got lobang and I need lobangs on jeans now leh.

W: Oh, go Marina Square lah, they got special outlet opening with more deals than your microscopic brain can fathom.

BH: But my microscopic brain reluctant to go to Marina Square cos I stay in the East and like how I diedie don’t want to download the FREE Trashy Feed App.

W: Oh, then check out their LEVI’S® YEAR-END SALE lah which gives you a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE special on all regular-priced Levi’s® apparel at ALL STORES


BH: Wah share more leh.

W: Go download the app lah

BH: But my microscopic brain don’t want-


If you’ve indulged me in my Pulitzer Price-wannabe slice of fiction, let me know scratch your back in return.


If you are reluctant to read an image because images are meant to be viewed instead of read; here’s the text for you to view (and for me to hit my word count)


Valid on regular-priced Levi’s® apparel only. Excludes tees priced at $29.90 and other selected styles.

Valid from 22 December 2018. While stocks last.


Terms and conditions apply.

And here’s their store locator for the one closest to you:

So what are you waiting for?

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