Don’t Say Bojio: 1-for-1 Waffle Double Down from 25 to 27 Sept in All KFC Outlets

Image: KFC


McDonald’s might be dropping some smiles to their stores tomorrow, but KFC is bringing smiles to us right now.

Because for absolutely no reason, the king of fried chicken has decided to come out with this deal:

Image: KFC

Yes, a 1-for-1 deal for a new item.

How I hope phone manufacturers would have this kind of promotion, too.

We’ve done a review of this sinful dish here, and while my colleague didn’t fancy it, I don’t really agree with him: in fact, I’m loving it.



Here’s a snippet of what my colleague wrote:

It’s sweet from the maple syrup, forming an even coat around the waffle. Skin: crispy. Mayonnaise: not much. Waffle: tastes like freezer waffles, not fluffy and rather dense, bread-like. Chicken: original recipe.

Also, do note that unlike what you see in advertisements, the “burger” is much smaller, so having two at one go isn’t exactly a challenge, though HPB might just send a SWAT team to arrest you for that calories-overload.

The promotion is only valid for three days, from today (25 September 2019) to 27 September 2019, and is available in all outlets except those in KidZania, Sentosa and Singapore Zoo.

The deal’s even available for online order via or their app.

Image: gfycat

There’s no terms and conditions mentioned in their media release, so I guess there should only be one condition:

Go with an empty stomach.


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