Don’t Say Bojio: $1 KFC Cheese Fries when you pay with EZ-Link Card Till 30 Sept

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When you think of KFC, you think of a few things.

That tantalising crunchy chicken goodness that makes you lick your fingers.

Them creamy crunchy coleslaw that’s refreshing and tangy and makes you want to lick your spoon.

Those crispy fries that come with a dose of good old oozy cheezy goodness that makes you lick your fork, then lick up the remaining cheese sauce on the paper box.

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Fries make everyone happy.

Image: Giphy

Cheese makes everyone happy.

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So if you combine them, you get the doubly happy.

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But what if…  I told you there was a way to make it triply happy?


S$1 Cheese Fries with any meal purchase using EZ-Link

Image: Greatdeals

In an exclusive deal with EZ-Link, KFC Cheese Fries’ gonna make you triply happy when you pay with EZ-Link. Add S$1 to your KFC meal and you get a Cheese Fries.

Did I mention that all you have to do is just tap with your EZ-Link? Laziness Convenience makes it quadruply happy.

And I remind you that the original price is S$4.20.

That’s right, you now get to blaze it with a nearly 75% discount.

Only cultured individuals will get this. / Image: Imgflip and KFC

According to the post, it’s available until 30 Sep 2019 or while stocks last… which is apparently 14,000 redemptions. It’s limited to 1 redemption per transaction.

The T&C that you’ll skip over anyway:

  • Redeemable with any meal purchase within the same transaction and limited to 1 redemption per transaction.
  • This offer is available only on selected KFC ordering channels; Over-the-counter & Kiosk only.
  • Offer is not valid with other promotions, discounts and special offers. Not valid during breakfast hours.
  • Full payment must be made with EZ-link Card or Concession Card.

And with that… I’ll be contributing to that 14,000 redemptions.

Image: Giphy

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