Don’t Say Bojio: 10 Kiasu-est Great S’pore Sales in VivoCity & Some Other Places

Image: TK Kurikawa /

It’s 5 June, and you know what that means: there’re just three more days to the best occasion of the year!

Huh, Great Singapore Sale? Who has got time for that? I’m talking about my nephew’s birthday. He turns 35 in a year, and we’re celebrating his permanent enrolment in the wizarding academy. And naturally that’s a pretty grand occasion because it’s not every day you see someone becoming Gandalf or Dumbledore.

Alright just kidding. This article’s indeed about the GSS that’s coming this 8 June, and not about my nephew Bob. Sorry Bob.

Anyway, going right back to the topic; the GSS will take place from 8 June to 12 August, which is effectively 66 whole days for us all to indulge in our innermost credit card swiping dreams. And while that might land you in bankruptcy because you burned more than you can afford, don’t let that stop you from reading this list, cos we’ve got 10 great deals for you.

So buckle up your seatbelt, prep your credit card and let’s go through a sweet, non-raunchy ride in the Great Studios of Singapore.


As it turns out, VIVO’s so into the GSS spirit that it has more or less roped in its tenants to celebrate the festivities with it.

1. Sa Sa

Image: Sa Sa International Holdings Limited

Cue enthusiasted teenage girls all crying out for a piece of the pie, and who can blame them? Considering how Sa Sa’s already enrapturing women on a normal day… what more from a promotional period like GSS?

As such, with a repertoire of 1-for-1 deals across a whopping 40 brands (The Balm to Celebeau’s High Performance Lip Rouge, to even fragrance by Mercedes-Benz), this is one beauty-oriented GSS promotion you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Image: dliteful_trends Instagram

Address: Vivo City, #02-176

Note: This offer’s only available till 7 June (weird, I know), so it’s best to get it while you still can!

2. Topshop/Topman

Image: London Fashion Review Blog

It’s easy to spot cheap clothing. But it’s indefinitely hard to spot cheap and attractive clothing. Why else do you think people fork out a bazillion bucks for one of A & F plain black tees?

Okay I actually still don’t get that one, but moving on.

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So apparently, Topshop/Topman has hopped onto the GSS bandwagon, and it’s offering discounts of up to 50% for selected chic and stylish apparel wear!

Consider me sold.

Address: Vivo City, #01-72

Promotional period: 8 June to 14 June


Image: Muji

At the risk of angering all the IKEA fanboys out there…why IKEA when you can MUJI?

Alright so it’s not altogether fair to say that, seeing how both furniture brands have their own delectable styles and tastes. MUJI, however, sports minimalist furniture and household items that are a right fit in my quaint little home.

And the fact that a huge discount sale’s coming up soon, doesn’t hurt either.

With the impending arrival of GSS, MUJI has thrown caution to the winds with a 50% off sale, and some note-worthy items are their Neck Cushion (at just $25.20 (U.P. $36)) and Cubby Box ($27.30 (U.P. $39)).

Address: Vivo City, #02-198

Promotional period: 15 June to 21 June

4. Traveller World

Image: Yelp Singapore

According to a fake study I totally made up for the sake of this point, nearly 100% of the population travels or yearns to go overseas at least once a year. And so with this less than authentic statistic in mind, it’s worth to consider the perks of getting a good, functional luggage for future trips.

And hey, if you look closely at Traveller World, there are good luggage being sold off for ridiculously low prices! What a totally non-coincidental coincidence!

As it is, Traveller World is clearing selected luggage at 70% off, and in case you don’t get it that’s like a massive discount. The marketed luggage aren’t exactly half-bad either, with colours red or navy on offer, as well as variable sizes from 20 inches ($69 (U.P. $158)) to 28 inches ($119 (U.P. $238)).

Address: Vivo City, #02-205

Promotional period: 15 June to 21 June

5. Kate Spade New York

Image: Pinterest

Ladies, I know you absolutely dig Kate Spade New York.

So don’t flip out when I say that they are offering up to 50% discounts off selected items, including your favourite handbags.

Excited yet? Because I know we are!

Address: Vivo City, #01-127

Promotional period: 8 June to 14 June 2018

6. Crumpler

Note: not the actual logo of Crumpler. Image: TK Foto

You need a bag. Not a luggage, not a rubbish sack, but a proper bag to carry whatever you need to carry. But there’s just one problem; every bag out there costs a bomb, and the cheap ones look like they were just passed out from my fat boss’s asshole after a McSpicy too much.

But just hold on a sec before you pass that shop employee a bomb. Crumpler @ Vivo, in an attempt to join in the GSS fun, has churned out prices that could well give pasar malam bag wear a run for their money.

One noticeable pick would have to be their The Squid, a versatile drawstring bag that’s priced at equally versatile rates at $19 from $39.

If you’re into travel bags but just don’t quite like Traveller Bag apparel because the brand’s creator killed your dog, Crumpler has a Travel Duffel bag going for just $189.50, down from $379.

Crumpler, anyone?

Address: Vivo City, #01-94

Promotional period: 8 June to 14 June

But of course, it isn’t just VIVO

After all, the other parts of Singapore need some tender, loving care too. That despite more than half of this list being taken up by Vivo outlets. #sorrynotsorry #cozIlazytofindmore #hopefullybossdoesntseethis #bossyousuck

7. Metro

Image: Paragon

Department stores are pretty much the James Milners of the retail industry. Severely underrated and versatile, they actually cater to all your needs without much fuss.

As such, I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that Metro’s part of the GSS line up this savings season.

With bag savings of up to 70% on items, alongside a further 20% off storewide discount and 20% off cosmetics and Fragrances, Metro might just be your shopping destination come mid-June.

8. Robinsons

Image: Inside Retail Singapore

For as long as I could remember, Robinsons has been participating in the Great Singapore Sale. And no I’m not talking about the extra-atas department store; I’m talking about my great uncle Robinsons who grew up in a tree pod.

Not kidding.

Anyway, Robinsons has so discourteously hogged the discounted bandwagon once again, although as always, we’re not complaining.

With discounts of up to 70% and an additional 20% off for OCBC Robinsons Group Visa Cardmembers, the ceiling’s the limit as far as Robinsons’ generosity’s concerned.

Whether you splash out on luxury bed linen (which you will probably just use as a blanket), spruce up your wardrobe (with overly baggy shirts you did try in the changing room but got tricked by their slim mirrors) or stock up with years’ worth of skin care products (that will just rot in the closet because you would prefer a cookie over a moisturiser), it’s entirely up to you because 70% off.

GSS, yay.

9. Cotton On

Image: Singapore Business Directory –

Now, I’m aware that Cotton On is already plenty cheap, what with its diverse range of apparel priced at more than affordable fares. But still…

Why pay this amount when you can pay even lesser?

Indeed, Cotton On has more or less adopted the mantra above and gone all out this GSS. With a tantalising 50% off its stocks, the Aussie brand is effectively short-changing itself with half off everything from jeans to joggers to bras and bags.

But of course, we don’t mind. One bit.

10. Love Bonito

Image: Love, Bonito

Contrary to popular belief, blogshops are still very much in the local retail scene. In fact, some of them are pretty popular with the masses, even though their names don’t start with Z, S or L.

A female-oriented blog shop, in particular, caught my eye (no not because I’m into prancing around in ladies’ lingerie in the middle of the night) but rather because it has really gone all out this GSS.

Meet Love Bonito, the blogshop we need, but only ladies deserve.

With marked down prices of up to 80%, Love Bonito is really taking the GSS spirit to an all-new level. Get chunky bracelets and cuffs under $9.90, work-appropriate gingham pencil skirts and floral-printed trousers at $19.90, and if you’re feeling adventurous, wide-legged jumpsuits at $49.90.

Promotional period: Till 10 June

What you waiting for arh? Christmas?

You’ve been waiting all summer (or winter). Your hands have itched; eyes have burned; wallet has screamed for release. You’ve been waiting the whole year for this moment, this magical, infinite moment that will determine whether you rise or fall.

So take up your arms (wallet), step into the shop and prepare to wage battle.

For it’s time to make those discounts regret they’ve ever been born.

Image: Giphy

You see, even the Avengers have assembled for GSS. Not sure if they need urns, though.

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