Don’t Say Bojio: 10 Steps to Huat in Blackjack During CNY


Last Updated on 2023-01-21 , 12:04 pm

Blackjack is probably one of the most common games played during Chinese New Year. After all, what’s CNY without Blackjack?

While most of us (I hope) play for fun, there’re some people who’re pretty serious about it.

If so, here’re some steps to huat–just remember, if you win big big, remember to give them back to your nieces who might be crying after that!

Do not get hit by a broom
Although no one will hit you with a broom for no good reason, just make sure you don’t get hit by one as it is believed that you will then have bad luck and a ruined life.

Do not get tapped on the shoulder
Do not get tapped on the shoulder by anyone especially when you are playing the game itself as this will bring about bad luck.

Distance yourself from books.
‘Books’ and ‘lose’ sounds similar in Chinese(homophones) so it is believed that you should stay away from books so that you won’t lose.

Wear red underwear
This sounds a bit crude but many people believe that wearing red underwear will bring you good luck during the game.

Don’t sweep the floor on that day
By sweeping the floor, you are actually sweeping away all your good fortune. If you need to sweep, sweep inwards of your house instead of outwards so the good luck will be kept in your house.

Aim to attract lucky numbers
For anything that has to do with numbers, try to use numbers such as 8, 18 and 168 as these numbers are believed to be lucky numbers that will bring you good luck. The number’8′ sounds like ‘huat’ or prosperity in Chinese.

Avoid unlucky number
Avoid the number ‘4’, which is an unlucky number as it sounds like death in Chinese.


Shave before playing
For males, ensure that you are well-shaved or your moustache is well-trimmed or else it will bring you bad luck.

Don’t cut your nails the night before
Do not cut your nails at night or else you will most likely attract ghosts, which is very unlucky and you can forget about winning.

Have a hair cut before CNY
If you need a hair cut, do it before Chinese New Year or else you will be cutting away all your good luck and good luck during the game.

Now, sit back and huat arh!

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