Don’t Say Bojio: 11 Kiasu-est Online Great S’pore Sale With Discounts Up to 90%

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It’s that time of the year again. An event so grandiose, so heartwarming, so aesthetically pleasing you really don’t mind if it happens all-year round.

What’s the event, you ask? Well I’m talking, of course, about the mother of all discounts:

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS).

Indeed, the Great Singapore Sale is something we all need (desperately), but don’t deserve (cos we still buy stuff anyway).

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So with that in mind, what exactly do the online commerce sites of Singapore have in store for us? Stay tuned, because we are gonna dig in with our discounted claws, just for you.


1. Zalora

In light of the GSS festive spirit, Zalora has opened its doors with a special ‘Apparel up to 60% Off PLUS Extra 30% Off‘ promotion.


Which is like a shopping addict’s dream come true, considering the notion that Zalora features like 10,000,320,323 brands on its site. #truestory

2. Lazada

Image: Lazada

Lazada‘s GSS promotion will be taking place from 8 June to 15 June, and boy, what a line-up it has prepared for us. 

With a plethora of mouth-watering deals like shakin’ vouchers, flash deals, top-quality brands and even surprise boxes every single weekthis is one site, to express it in Singlish terms, you die die also must go.

Too many to list down, so just check out their website lah.

3. Ezbuy

From 10 to 18 June, Ezbuy is launching its 618 HOTTER THAN SUMMER SALES. And really, I’m getting all hot and bothered already just from it.

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I mean; have you seen the deals?

Geezus Prist!

As such, there’s really no better time to start Ezbuy-ing if you haven’t!

4. Qoo10

Image: Qoo10

From 9 to 21 June, Qoo10 will be hopping onto the GSS bandwagon. And suffice it to say that they’ve come pretty well-prepared.

Just two of many, many more deals. Image:

With a great variety of deals to choose from, this is one site you shouldn’t pass this sale season!

5. Reebonz

This one’s really for the ladies; ecommerce site Reebonz, a marketplace for luxury items like branded handbags, designer shoes and jewelry, has released a GSS-exclusive promotion with up to 70% OFF its products!

Image: Reebonz

What’s more, spend a minimum of $800, and you get an EXTRA 18% OFF with promo code 18GSS. Like damn.

So the next time someone tells you that life’s full of lemon trees? Just show him/her this. It might still be full of lemon trees, but at the very least there are some honeydew ones too.

P.s. Reebonz delivers items in signature black boxes tied with a golden ribbon. Sounds good? Cos it does to us.

6. Uniqlo

Need some splendid, stylish yet cheap clothes for the new season? Well, look no further than Uniqlo.


Having embraced the GSS spirit with its entirety, Uniqlo is now offering discounts off over 150 items. And with its large wardrobe of apparel up for selection, seasonal shopping has never been more fun (or cheap).

7. Shopee

You can always expect Shopee to come up with discounts and flash deals on a regular basis. But it seems that even by its usual high standards, it has gone the extra mile this GSS.


With discounts of up to 90%, prizes worth $50,000 and exclusive offers, Shopee is certainly not holding anything back.

But of course we don’t mind. One bit.

Disclosure: Shopee is our client, and has also engaged us to promote their GSS this year.

8. Redmart

Grocery shopping, when done incorrectly, could actually amass more financial damages than you previously estimated.

But it seems that Redmart has made that a near impossible task to fulfill, with its latest promotion:

Image: Redmart

Up to 70% off, babe.

With a large selection including household, personal care and beauty products, Redmart has got a plethora of tantalising deals that will get your ears all red-marked.

Of course, as you can see from the banner, new users will get $15 if they spend $40 with the code 15GSS.

9. Ali Express

If you’re looking for deft accessories or electronics online, Ali Express is your site. And seeing how it has incorporated deals of up to 50% off its products…

I would say Ali Express has pretty much become a must-visit site this sale season.

Image: Ali Express

And with brands such as,  UGREEN, CHUWI, FRAP & many more up on offer, you’ll be rolling in all the savings you made, in no time.

In case you’re new to AliExpress, here’s a simple explanation: Alibaba allows businesses to sell to businesses. AliExpress allows businesses to sell to consumers like you and me.

Which means it’s good deals for us.

10. Eatigo

I can survive without many things. I can even survive without water. For like two days. But take away my Eatigo app? No can do. – Kim Trump

Indeed, what with the constant discount offers on Eatigo, it has made many broke patrons’ meals so much more affordable.

But here’s the thing; the best discounts, like prime 40-50% ones, only happen during the uneventful hours of the day (in short the hours you will never go). And during the actual hours you turn up, you get minor ones like 10-20%, which in hindsight are still pretty good, but well… you could do better you know.

As it turns out, Eatigo has all but abolished that mind-crumbling dilemma this sale season, with its latest GSS offerings:

GSS Wednesdays with 50% off the whole day.

Image: Eatigo Facebook Page
Image: Eatigo Facebook Page
Image: Reaction GIFs

If there’s anything that could possibly make me look forward to Wednesdays (apart from being the middle of the week), it’s this.

11. Tmall / Taobao GSS

The best thing that comes out from the Internet are these: Japan movies with great plots, Google so that we can complete our school assignments in record time and of course, Taobao.

Tmall and Taobao are going to have great sale this GSS, and they include at offline event in Suntec from 15 to 17 June whereby all items would be going at free delivery, free delivery for their Tmall Signature Stores, free hong bao, cashback for Maybank and UOB cardmembers, free GSS vouchers for Singtel users…okay, too many to list down.

In fact, we’re in the midst of completing an article and video for their GSS because there are just too many to list down (so many, we had to draw out a large chart in the office to visualize all the deals to do our article / video).

Just wait for our article and video and you’ll be sold. Seriously.

Disclosure: Taobao is our client, and has also engaged us to promote their GSS this year.

GSS Boleh!

So there you have it folks; 11 Best GSS Online Deals To Keep You Occupied This Sale Season.

Just try not to go overboard with your purchases, because like everything else…

Too much of anything really isn’t good for you. Or your wallet, for that matter.

Image: Tenor

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