Don’t Say Bojio: 5 KFC Salted Egg Chicken For Just $9.90 (Until 10 Jan)

Image: KFC Facebook Page

Fried chicken is the food of the gods, my colleagues would proclaim.

Hell, even our resident bufflord95 swears by it.

Although the reasoning he gave is this: fried chicken is so good but so sinful only gods can survive the calories.


There’s a reason why we don’t let him out so often.

But anyway, I disagree with them.

Because fried chicken isn’t the best thing you’ll ever find.

Salted egg fried chicken…for cheap.

Now, that would be the bomb.

And guess what? If you’ve always dreamt of a day like this? It’s here.

Image: Gifer

Courtesy of a creepy bearded old man.

Image: Ratana21 /

I mean, he fattens kids up for nefarious purposes, that’s ominous enough, no? #hanselgretal 

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But jokes aside (KFC is awesome), this nice-looking grandfatherly man has something amazing for you.

5 Pc Goldspice Chicken For $9.90

If you haven’t tried the Goldspice chicken from KFC yet, now’s your chance to do so.

Because from now until 10 Jan 2019, you can get your hands on five of them for just $9.90.

Here, we do the math for you. That’s less than $2 per piece.

The promo is limited to Goldspice flavour only (but why would you go for any others?) and each set includes two drumsticks /wings.

The promo is available for dine-in, takeaway and delivery at all outlets except KFC KidZania, Sentosa and Singapore Zoo.

And notice that we call it “salted egg yolk chicken” instead of Goldspice, and it’s for a reason: other than clickbaiting you, it’s essentially a salted egg yolk chicken with curry spices.

Now, if you haven’t had the chance to try this yet (what have you been doing?)

Here’s how the chicken tastes like according to my gluttonous colleague:

It’s, first of all, a combination of salted egg, sweet basil and spicy curry leaves. Like KFC mentioned, it’s supposed to be “better than Gold”, though we highly doubt that if you have it daily, you’ll get a Gold for IPPT.

The skin is crispy and extremely salty, but in a way that’ll make you go for a second bite. The saltiness doesn’t taste like salt sprinkled on the skin (that would have been a magnificent fail seh), but the breadcrumbs that somehow blend in perfectly with the skin.

It’s so salty, I think it’ll go well with some rice, but surprisingly, it stands by itself well.

There’s a slight tinge of spice that complements the saltiness well, but maybe it’s the other way around. You see, if it can confuse me, it has won me over because I can’t really feel whether it’s salty with spices, or spices with saltiness: it’s just a blend made in heaven.

But if you’re expected a strong salted egg taste from the chicken…

But hey, at least it doesn’t taste like sour eggs, no?