KFC Salted Egg Chicken Review: Possibly Cooked By Michelin-Starred Chef


The fast-food scene in Singapore is so much different from what it used to be years ago: in the past, it was common to see kids standing outside a fast-food restaurant and crying for a burger.

And of course, in the past, parents would just drag the kids away, scolded the kids in public and threatened to “sell” the kids “to the karung guni man”.

My point? Fast food used to be for kids. That’s why McDonald’s is considered the largest distributor of toys due to their highly popular Happy Meals.

Now? It seems like in Singapore and Malaysia, fast-food chains are now targeting adults. Specifically, young adults who’re always looking for the next trending food.

Like durian ice-cream, which my colleague has reviewed and sung so much praises for it, he’s thinking of joining SPOP Sing! and singing “I’m lovin’ it”.

And of course, this week, it’s not just the durian ice-cream. There’s something even more powderful.

Salted Egg Chicken Has Arrived in all KFC Outlets

We took some artistic liberty in its name because the official name is KFC Goldspice Chicken, but hey: Goldspice is such an obiang name.

Not I say one, Spongebob CircleJeans said one.

But anyways.

It’s technically still a salted egg chicken as it’s a combination of salted egg, sweet basil and spicy curry leaves. Like KFC mentioned, it’s supposed to be “better than Gold”, though we highly doubt that if you have it daily, you’ll get a Gold for IPPT.

Still, we just have to try it because salted egg chicken leh. From KFC leh. What could possibility go…right?

After all, the salted egg burger by McDonald’s didn’t exactly win our tongues over.

First Glance

The winning factor in a hipster food isn’t about the taste, but the looks. Make the food look well, give it a fancy name and create a hype by sending a media release to a silly and stupid platform like Goody Feed, and you’ll have a hipster food. What, taste?! It doesn’t matter even if it’s made of plastic, though I’m sure KFC would disapprove that because they’re not even having plastic straws for God’s sake! – Food Influencer Leonster IEatFullLiao, an award-winning food blogger with over 51 Instagram followers

Wise words from an influencer, because despite my photographer and me trying hard to take a good image of this, this was all that we could muster:


And mind you, this was after colour grading (post-edit to make the image look better).

So, it kind of failed in its first glance. After all, look at how nice McDonald’s latest hipster food looks:

Moving on, how about the taste?

The winner is in its taste

In order to take a good picture (which we failed miserably), I had to take a bite and let the photographer shoot the inside of the chicken. That first bite was enough for me to tell everyone in the office, “Eh, tomorrow go steal the boss’s credit card again to buy this for everyone.” (only to later realize the boss was there too)


The skin is crispy and extremely salty, but in a way that’ll make you go for a second bite. The saltiness doesn’t taste like salt sprinkled on the skin (that would have been a magnificent fail seh), but the breadcrumbs that somehow blend in perfectly with the skin.

It’s so salty, I think it’ll go well with some rice, but surprisingly, it stands by itself well.

There’s a slight tingle of spice that complements the saltiness well, but maybe it’s the other way around. You see, if it can confuse me, it has won me over because I can’t really feel whether it’s salty with spices, or spices with saltiness: it’s just a blend made in heaven.

But where’s the salted egg taste, since it’s dry and crispy AF, just like chicken rendang? Read on.


The salted egg comes as an aftertaste

Here’s a true story: remember me trying it with our photographer just to take a good image? After that, I went to the toilet to pee and guess what: while in the toilet, I feel the salted egg in my mouth.

I know this could well be the weirdest review you’ve read in your life, but read on, because I’m about to prove my theory right.

After that, I had the chicken in its entirety, thinking that somehow, maybe seeing my pee had made me think of salted egg. But no; after downing the chicken, the salted egg aftertaste came again.


I know it sounds weird, but then again, this is Goody Feed: you expect a review filled with chim and beautiful words? Over here, it’s all about authenticity (or so we thought), because none of us has a degree in food blogging.

However, granted that it’ll get a tad jaded; perhaps I was having two large chicken without stopping. That’s how addictive it is, and I kid you not.

There’s also a Chocolate Hazelnut Fries

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to try that as my fat colleague just went to Clementi to buy it for us (he was reviewing the D24 Durian McFlurry which you can read here), as this fries is only available in these outlets:

  • Causeway Point
  • Lot 1 Shopper’s Mall
  • Compass One
  • Jurong Point
  • Kallang Stadium
  • nex
  • Sun Plaza
  • Tampines CPF (no, you can’t use your CPF to pay for the food)
  • Tampines Hub
  • Waterway Point

So it won’t help even if we steal our boss’s credit card. Unless we steal his car, but that one a bit too big lah. And his car smells, anyways.

But We got the Chocolate Hazelnut Egg Tart

Also a new item, this is da bomb.

While a bite leads me to think of all the calories squeezed inside a small AF item, it’s really worth every single calorie. The chocolate (and hazelnut) is so overpowering, I thought I’m just eating a Nutella custard egg.


Yeah, anything with Nutella gets Goody Feed’s stamp of approval – even if it’s not officially Nutella.

Worth It?

To quote from Buzzfeed, the salted egg chicken is really worth it. In fact, the headline would have suggested that; we don’t use Michelin stars so sparingly (actually we do lah but don’t tell others), so if I were to give this a rating, it’ll be the same rating as this app in Google Play: 4.4  out of 5 stars (if you haven’t reviewed the app, help us leh: review here for Android or here for iOS).

Yeah, our app could possibly be cooked by a Michelin-starred chef, too.

The Goldspice 2 pcs meal, which comes with 2 pieces of Goldspice chicken, 1 whipped potato, 1 coleslaw and 1 drink without straws is at $8.55, and will be available until 9 August 2018.